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Dynasty Fantasy Football Impact: Odell Beckham signs with Baltimore

We break down the surprise signing of Odell Beckham with the Ravens.

While many folks were hunting Easter eggs and eating dinner with families today, few were thinking any significant fantasy news was going to come across the wire. We were wrong as Odell Beckham was busy signing a deal with the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon. It’s certainly a surprise deal as many felt OBJ was eventually destined to join Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets. Instead, he’s joining an AFC rival. It’s a signing that has some significance in dynasty leagues, so let’s re-set the dynasty landscape.

Odell Beckham, WR BAL

The deal with Baltimore is for one year and $15 million guaranteed, but could reach $18 million with incentives. Not many felt Baltimore would end up with OBJ, but the money he fetched here was likely more than even he could have expected and simply more than any other team was going to give up. In some ways, it’s honestly shocking. With the likes of Rashod Bateman, Nelson Agholor, Devin Duvernay, Tylan Wallace, James Proche, and Andy Isabella making up the depth chart, it makes sense the Ravens would want to add to their stable of receivers. However, the big question is who will be throwing him the ball as Lamar Jackson remains in limbo. Regardless, the money is significant and the Ravens will inevitably make Beckham a big part of their offense.

Injuries are also a huge concern with Beckham. We know just how talented he is, but he hasn’t posted a 1,000 yard season since 2019 and has played in a grand total of just 21 games over the past three seasons. In fact, he didn’t play at all last year after tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl while playing for the Rams more than a year ago. Beckham’s ranking of WR86 and his accompanying ADP will undoubtedly rise, but he needs to show he can be healthy before being trusted in dynasty leagues again.

If you have a dynasty manager who still views him as a transcendent player, this could represent a solid window to trade him (and possibly the last), especially since Baltimore employs a run-first offense like few other teams. In short, it’s hard to see OBJ having a late career renaissance this season as it’s more likely he’s going to attempt to show he’s healthy before fetching another deal next off-season. He could be a decent target for a contender, but the price would have to be right.

Rashod Bateman, WR BAL

This is a clear shot across the bow for Bateman, who himself has only been able to play in 19 games in his two NFL seasons. We’ve seen flashes from him at times, but he’s also been largely a disappointment after being taken in the first round of the NFL Draft back in 2021. With Beckham in tow and healthy (we assume), Bateman is likely going to move to the WR2 in the offense. Lamar Jackson hasn’t been able to sustain value for multiple wide receivers and with Mark Andrews still the likely top target even over OBJ, it’s hard to see the volume coming for Bateman to make the third-year leap so many people want him to. We’ll see what happens, but this isn’t the best news for Bateman’s fledgling dynasty value.

Other Ravens Receivers

The rest of the Baltimore depth chart includes the likes of Nelson Agholor, Devin Duvernay, Tylan Wallace, James Proche, and Andy Isabella. Each of them has had their moments at times, but it’s pretty tough to see any of these players making much of an impact any time soon in dynasty leagues.

Lamar Jackson, QB BAL

At this point, nobody really knows what to expect with Jackson, who is famously holding out for a new contract. He could sign with another team, get traded away from Baltimore, sign the franchise tag, or even agree to a new long-term deal in the next few weeks. Everyone is in a holding pattern as he weighs his options, but it seems the NFL owners are taking a stand against massive guaranteed deals and after Deshaun Watson broke the bank, Jackson looks like the example they are trying to set. If he stays, the addition of OBJ is a good thing. However, it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens here.

Aaron Rodgers, QB GB

Look, the Jets are going to eventually trade for A-Rod. Rumor had it he wanted OBJ to join him and the Jets had a visit scheduled with him tomorrow until the Ravens upped the ante. This is likely disappointing for Rodgers, but he should still have enough in New York to be successful, with or without Beckham.

Jets Receivers

The fact Rodgers didn’t get his way is good news for the likes of Garrett Wilson, Corey Davis, Allen Lazard, Mecole Hardman, and even Denzel Mims. We don’t know exactly how things are going to play out, but OBJ would have been yet another fly in the ointment here, especially for Wilson. With him out of the mix, this depth chart is likely rounding into form, though Davis could still be let go at some point this off-season.

Ken Kelly
Dynasty Fantasy Football Impact: Odell Beckham signs with Baltimore
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