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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Chris Olave

We examine Chris Olave’s trade value in dynasty leagues. Is he worth it?

Chris Olave

The two best parts about dynasty fantasy football are winning and building a super, pretty roster. Winning championships is what the game is all about but nothing is more exciting in dynasty fantasy football than the new hotness. When all things are considered equal, the average dynasty player will take the younger player. “But what about if we are trying to score points and win?”, you ask. Young players can do that too!

Here is where we run into our issue. We already know that youth adds value to a player and it would make sense that the ability to score points adds value as well. According to DLF March ADP, the youngest player with the highest ADP (currently already in the NFL) is…

Chris Olave, WR NO

Heading into the 2022 season, Olave was ranked as WR29, which is not very exciting. Finishing as WR25 and the third-highest-scoring rookie (with Andy Dalton at quarterback) quickly changed everyone’s perception. Our Saints wide receiver is now the WR5 and the eighth player overall off the board. Olave is easily seen as one of the top receivers in the game and has shown that he is more than capable of scoring fantasy points for your teams.

The question now is: can we have it all? Can we fill our rosters with these shiny new toys while still scoring points, and then win that championship? Of course the answer is yes but what will it cost you? Let’s find out!

This one is tough. Do you want to draft a rookie quarterback or do you want that stud WR? Do you want the could be or do you want the known quantity? The value of this seems right and the analyzer agrees. I think unless I am starting from scratch on my rebuild, I want Olave here. In March Superflex ADP, the QB3 (Anthony Richardson) is slated four spots ahead of our boy. Pick your poison….well, pick the thing that makes you happy, not something that kills you.

This is another tough trade. Deshaun Watson is still pretty young and will have an entire off-season to shake off the rust from missing so much time. Sending away a quarterback without getting one back should come with some extra value, which we do have here. I think I go with the wide receivers on this one. I know QB is king in superflex but Olave is so good and Pickens will keep having his value increase as we approach the season. I also think these two wide receivers come with more flexibility for future trades than Watson would give you.

We have had two trades in a row that were tough, good deals.

I understand the thought process behind this move. Tiering down from a stud to get extra pieces is a very strong move in a rebuild/retool. But this is too far of a drop-off for me and definitely not enough of a payoff. In a 1QB league, the 1.10 doesn’t hold the swagger that it does in a superflex league and while the potential of Jameson Williams is all still there, there just hasn’t been enough seen from him to make me feel safe getting him as the “replacement” for Olave. On the other hand, I would be very happy to see this offer come into my inbox for me to receive Olave. You are giving up some “maybe” for a whole lot of “good”.

Honestly, after looking through a lot of trades where Chris Olave is a main piece, I feel like he is worth it. It won’t be easy and sometimes it might not feel great in the moment but I don’t think in any of these situations you walk away sad that you have the WR5 on your team. Now go be that double threat and go get that new hotness and bring home that ship!

Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Chris Olave
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Jacob Saul
1 month ago

I received the 1.02 straight up for Olave. I love the player but in superflex I need qb more than wr . I already own lamb , Wilson , London , and Watson . So for me at least I was ok losing olave to get my first choice of rookie qb .

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