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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: DJ Moore

What should you do with DJ Moore after his move to Chicago?

DJ Moore

In practically every Trading Post article, I have written the phrase: “trading is fun!”. Even more fun than trades in dynasty fantasy football are trades in the NFL! If you have been a fan of the sport for more than the past ten years, you know that players used to never be traded. The NFL Draft was the only time we ever really felt there was a chance of anything really fun actually happening. Thankfully those days are long gone.

Last week, the Chicago Bears traded the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Like most of us who earned the 1.01, trading back is usually the way to go. Chances are when you earn the first pick in the draft, you need more than one player to fix your problems.

No matter where I went to look and see the compensation the Bears received for this pick, the last thing on the list was…

DJ Moore, WR CHI

From the very beginning, Moore has been a Twitter darling in the fantasy community. Very athletic and great with the ball in space, we were all waiting with bated breath for Moore to get into the league as our WR1 in the rookie draft. In 2017, the Panthers brought in Christian McCaffrey, then in 2018, they brought our guy. The community was abuzz about all of the yards after the catch glory the Panthers would be getting with the CMC/DJM combo.

Suffice to say, half of that dream came true. Moore never hit that ceiling we all hoped. Fans were yelling “Free DJ Moore!” since it would be tough for any wide receiver to thrive catching balls from the declining Cam Newton, Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, PJ Walker, even more declined Cam Newton, and Baker Mayfield.

Here we are – our chants have been heard! Moore is on a new team and is playing with by far his most talented quarterback in Justin Fields. The question we are all thinking to ourselves as dynasty players is: what does this do to his value? It goes up. Nice and easy.

Of course, it is never that easy because we need to know just how much it will go up.

This is a trade that was done on the day of the Bears trade. This league is a 14-team, 1QB league which means running backs will be a bit more valuable and mid wide receivers will be a little less valuable. That being said, this shows the hope and value Moore brings to the table. The 2.06 rookie pick brings very little to the table in this situation so being able to use this as the sweetener to get a running back who consistently scores as a top-five RB feels like a win. If I am trading away Austin Ekeler, I feel like I need an earlier pick to make this move.

Maybe you think Chris Olave is being overvalued. Maybe you think there will be a stud available at the 2.07 in a 12-team rookie draft. Maybe… I got nothing. This is some strong DJ Moore love.

We find our first post-NFL move trade where Moore is being moved for less than his value in the Analyzer. Unfortunately for this person, the Giants signed Darren Waller so what little value Bellinger brought to the table is now gone. This is a pretty deep draft class in superflex drafts with, most likely, four quarterbacks going in the first round of rookie drafts. There are strong chances you will get a very good player with the 12th pick but on your roster, you already had a very good player who may only be one or two years older than some of the WRs coming in. I would easily send the last pick in the first round for Moore, especially if I earned that pick by winning the league last season.

A player changing teams is always a great time to try and move them from your dynasty team. When a move happens like this and seems to be a good move by consensus, we just need to be careful that we don’t just make the move for the sake of making the move. Wait for the right deal. I know, pot calling the kettle black, but I have to try to give good advice even if I don’t always follow it myself.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: DJ Moore
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Dan Harnack
12 days ago

Validation! Great article!

Gregory Massa
12 days ago

Im attempting to move DPJ, 1.08, and 2.14 (14-team, 1QB, ppr) for Moore. Justin Fields is my starting QB.

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