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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100: 85-81

We review five more players ready to break out in college football.

Jordan Travis

For many fantasy football managers, the period immediately following the Super Bowl is a chance to relax, reflect, and disconnect from the rollercoaster which is a fantasy football season. For dynasty managers, there may be no busier time. In fact, some say there is no off-season. It is a mantra I have seen somewhere. I cannot quite put my finger on it.

For devy managers? Clear your schedule, because the work starts now. The devy community now has to juggle two Signing Days and a transfer portal which creates unceasing player movement. It is both fun and impossible to manage, yet we persevere. Below are the top devy talents in the land, contained within an infallible list that requires no criticism.

85. Kobe Prentice, WR Alabama (2025 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: In an odd turn of events, many ballyhooed young receivers have struggled at Alabama in recent years. For one reason or another, something has not been clicking with much of the four and five-star talent Nick Saban has brought in at the position. Early returns on Prentice, however, are extremely promising.

He is an effortless mover, getting to top speed in a heartbeat and showcasing the lateral agility to create mayhem after the catch. Prentice’s athleticism makes him a nightmare to contain, and he showed potential as both an intermediate route-runner as well as a vertical threat in his freshman season, posting a 31-337-2 line for the Crimson Tide. Prentice has a unique skill set that should aid him in remaining a key component of Alabama’s offense.

2023 Outlook: Unlike last season, the Crimson Tide have some stability in the receiver room. Jermaine Burton and Ja’Corey Brooks return with fellow rising sophomore Isaiah Bond also in the room. However, Traeshon Holden and Tyler Harrell hit the transfer portal, leaving ample opportunity for a third option to distance himself. Prentice is as good a bet as any, and his skillset complements Burton and Brooks perfectly, making him a logical selection to have a breakout 2023.

84. Nicholaus Iamaleava, QB Tennessee (2026 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: I am normally reticent of selecting true freshman quarterbacks in devy drafts. However, this class has me creating massive exceptions in my process. Nicholaus ‘Nico’ Iamaleava looks like he could line up at small forward for Rick Barnes’ squad, yet he has turned his attention to the gridiron where he will line up under center for Josh Heupel’s new-look Volunteers.

Iamaleava has always been able to chuck it around the yard, but he has put in the work to improve his touch and anticipation, becoming a complete thrower who is not simply trying to force the issue with arm strength. At 6’6” and over 200 pounds, he has an incredibly impressive build, and his volleyball background shows as he moves gracefully and powerfully simultaneously. Iamaleava has an incredible toolkit and he will get to work with one of the nation’s best offensive minds in Josh Heupel. As Michael Jordan once said: “The ceiling is the roof”.

2023 Outlook: Joe Milton – previously featured on this list – is the current favorite to start for Tennessee. However, he does not have a robust enough track record to lock him in as QB1. Iamaleava could force the issue with a strong camp, though 2024 appears more likely for him to take over.

83. Michael Trigg, TE Ole Miss (2024 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: Trigg seems more myth than anything at this point. Long trumpeted as one of devy’s top tight ends, we have been unable to see him put it all together on the field due to a series of injuries. The upside, however, is obvious whenever he takes the field.

Trigg is a smooth operator in the open field, catching the football with the proverbial arrogant hands and turning into a runner with ease. Despite lacking elite size for a tight end, he embraces physicality and loves to bully defenders after the catch. He can detach from the line of scrimmage and give defenders fits, the typical tight end who is too fast for linebackers and too strong for defensive backs. We have yet to see a full season of Trigg and we are wishcasting a bit with his projection, but the tools are there for Trigg to really emerge in 2023 and become a highly coveted prospect in the 2024 draft.

2023 Outlook: The Rebels lose Jonathan Mingo and Malik Heath, their top two receivers from 2022. While Trigg plays a different position, he is a logical candidate to step in and assume many of their targets. The opportunity is golden for Trigg; let us hope he can capitalize.

82. Richard Reese, RB Baylor (2025 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: It is hard to fathom a better match than Reese and Baylor’s offense. The Bears wide zone scheme stretches out the defense and lets its playmakers work in space. Few are more adept at working in space than Reese.

Despite being only 5’9” and 175 pounds, Reese runs hard and possesses a muscular frame that allows him to absorb contact and fight for extra yardage. The size will of course be a question mark; it is highly unlikely he approaches 200 pounds at any point during his career. However, outside of the truly elite, we are looking for backs who can provide something to a backfield and Reese has tools in spades. He has a track background (always a plus for prospects) and just moves at a different speed than the defense. If he can add good bulk and expand his receiving profile, he could be an exciting prospect come 2025.

2023 Outlook: Reese broke Baylor’s freshman running rookie record, so he is already an established player. The Bears have options at running back, though none with Reese’s skillset. His 211 touches from 2022 should be his floor as he leads this backfield and becomes one of the Big 12’s better runners.

81. Jordan Travis, QB Florida State (2024 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: One of college football’s best improvisers, Travis has grown immensely during his time in Tallahassee. His ascent helped move Mike Norvell off a warm seat and has set up the Seminoles as a College Football Playoff hopeful in 2023. Travis’ growth shows in every part of his game.

Always a fantastic athlete, Travis has developed improved patience as he goes through his reads and surveys the defense. The arm talent has always been there; he required polish and he has put in the work to make huge strides. Of course, there is still plenty of work to be done, which is why Travis is not yet quite in the round one conversation. The mechanics can be sloppy and his ability to improvise can sometimes be a hindrance as he looks to make plays appear out of nothing. There is a ton of good and a ton of bad with Travis. Overall, he is enigmatic which makes him fun and frustrating. If he takes the next step? He will develop into an outstanding prospect.

2023 Outlook: Travis is getting some Heisman hype after throwing for 3,214 yards in 2022 with a 24-5 TD-INT ratio. He is locked in as the starter for a preseason top-ten team. He will no longer will be able to fly under the radar as he returns as one of the nation’s most celebrated quarterbacks.

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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100: 85-81
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