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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100: 90-86

We offer up five more devy names to know.

Daijun Edwards

For many fantasy football managers, the period immediately following the Super Bowl is a chance to relax, reflect, and disconnect from the rollercoaster which is a fantasy football season. For dynasty managers, there may be no busier time. In fact, some say there is no off-season. It is a mantra I have seen somewhere. I cannot quite put my finger on it.

For devy managers? Clear your schedule, because the work starts now. The devy community now has to juggle two Signing Days and a transfer portal which creates unceasing player movement. It is both fun and impossible to manage, yet we persevere. Below are the top devy talents in the land, contained within an infallible list that requires no criticism.

90. Matthew Golden, WR Houston (2025 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: It was perhaps the easiest freshman breakout to portend. Despite plenty of offers from the Power Five, Golden opted for Houston (soon to be a Power Five school) and thrived immediately. He posted a 38-584-7 line despite sharing a field with target hog Nathaniel Dell. He is now thrust into the spotlight as Houston’s best offensive player.

The six-foot-tall receiver is silky smooth with easy acceleration and long speed which was verified on the track in high school. He tracks the ball with ease and is capable of making the circus catch. With a leaner frame, Golden will need time to develop physically, though he possesses plenty of muscle and has ample time to work within Houston’s weight program. Golden has a ton of upside and is just getting started.

2023 Outlook: As mentioned, Tank Dell is gone. Joseph Manjack IV is a talented sidekick but this should be Golden’s opportunity to shine. Houston can sling it, and assuming quarterback play is serviceable following the departure of Clayton Tune, Golden should easily cruise past 1,000 yards.

89. Daijun Edwards, RB Georgia (2024 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: Despite being Georgia’s second-leading rusher, Edwards gets little hype in devy circles. Edwards is not a flashy runner, yet he worked his way into Georgia’s running back rotation as a true junior and thrived immediately. He was a perfect complement to the versatile Kenny McIntosh and the slashing Kendall Milton.

Edwards is a no-nonsense back who likes to take the fight to the defense. He uses his sturdy frame to shed arm tackles and finishes runs with a flair, working for the extra yardage which can add up throughout a game. Edwards does most things well, though he is unlikely to ever be a star. Still, as a gifted two-down grinder with soft enough hands to handle check-downs, Edwards could be a one-contract type of runner who contributes to both NFL and fantasy teams.

2023 Outlook:  As always, the Bulldogs will feature a rotation at running back. Kendall Milton is the most complete runner, assuming he can stay healthy. Edwards and Branson Robinson figure to assume the role of power back, with Edwards earning more work due to his experience and production to date.

88. Spencer Rattler, QB South Carolina (2024 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: It feels as though we have been discussing Rattler forever. Many (including myself) expected him to be tossing the football on Sundays by this point. Instead, he returns for his fifth year and his second at South Carolina.

His first season for the Gamecocks was unspectacular. He tossed 18 touchdowns against 12 interceptions and struggled with much of the same inconsistency which has plagued his career. He also flashed the tools which made him such a coveted recruit out of Arizona. Rattler can do a bit of everything and can draw you back in with his jaw-dropping plays which can obscure his head-scratching throws. He is an enigma, yet one who looked like a budding star at Oklahoma in 2020 and still possesses the tools to make his mark at the next level. Another year at South Carolina should serve him well; he appears to have been humbled by the process and the Gamecocks are building something. While many may have written him off, I feel there is still plenty of hope when it comes to Rattler’s pro prospects.

2023 Outlook:  Rattler is locked-in as South Carolina’s starter. The Gamecocks showed great improvement late in the season, knocking off Tennessee and Clemson in back-to-back weeks. An improved Rattler could make the Gamecocks a problem for SEC East teams and get Rattler’s name back into the draft zeitgeist.

87. Ashton Jeanty, RB Boise State (2025 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: Jeanty was one of 2022’s quietest breakout players. Playing in the west will help keep you under the radar, especially when you play in the Mountain West. He showed off his slashing running style and powerful build as a freshman, approaching 1,000 total yards despite sharing a backfield with the established George Holani. Jeanty took a fascinating path to Boise and looks like an excellent find for the Broncos.

The key attribute Jeanty possesses is his receiving ability. He can line up outside and run routes like a receiver and is an excellent option leaking out from the backfield. Despite lacking any name value, Jeanty is a better back than many players going ahead of him in your standard devy draft. His profile should only grow over the next several seasons.

2023 Outlook:  Despite exceeding all expectations as a true freshman, Jeanty will likely have to wait another year to really post absurd numbers due to the ongoing presence of George Holani. He is, however, the most explosive runner in this backfield and its most versatile. It would not be a surprise if the workload shifted into Jeanty’s favor in 2023.

86. Ladd McConkey, WR Georgia (2024 Draft-Eligible)

Profile: There is an old Sportscenter commercial in which Jerry Stackhouse keeps chuckling at the fact Trey Wingo’s name is in fact, Trey Wingo. I imagine similar things happen with Ladd McConkey; however, southern saloon owner name aside, McConkey can play. As faces change around him in the Georgia receiver room, McConkey remains the constant.

He was a late add to the Bulldogs’ 2020 recruiting class, a local kid who figured to be quickly forgotten. Instead, he has been an instrumental part of the Georgia offense for the past two seasons. He is not a premier athlete (insert your gym rat, gritty cliches here) but he plays the position with savvy and is the proverbial best friend of the quarterback, always being in the right place. He figures to continue to exceed expectations as he moves forward. From middling three-star recruit (by Georgia standards) to core component of back-to-back title teams is already a great story.

2023 Outlook: Georgia once again sees significant turnover in its receiver room. Adonai Mitchell has transferred to Texas and Kearis Jackson has moved on. Brock Bowers is the star on this offense, but McConkey is the second most important receiving weapon they have. Assuming the quarterback play post-Stetson Bennett is adequate, another strong season is on the horizon.

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The Devy Fantasy Football Top 100: 90-86
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