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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Jordan Love

What is Jordan Love’s dynasty value right now and should you be trading for him in your leagues?

Jordan Love

Not every trade is a blockbuster and not every player is a league winner. Not every trade is pretty and not every player is a week winner. Not every trade is fulfilling and not every player is good.

If you were putting together a cast for a movie, first you would want to make sure you have your stars on board. Next, you have to bring in a solid group of supporting actors to hold up your stars’ performances. But if you go cheap on your extras and are stuck with a bunch of people staring into the camera and not making their marks, you are still going to have a bad movie.

It would be magical if every trade was a blockbuster filled with amazing players but there are only so many superstars in the league. It would be fantastic if every trade was pretty and helped build your starting lineup. But sometimes you find a dirty dollar on the ground and you want to throw that at a young, unknown person who can bring a little bit of mystique to your team. At the time you won’t feel great about that transaction but just do as I do, close your eyes, click your heels three times, and repeat in your head, “it is the value that matters… it is the value that matters… it is the value that matters…”

I think we have taken that metaphor as far as it can go, and now we can get to…

Jordan Love, QB GB

Let me just say it. Trading for Love, could be a good idea. It won’t be a blockbuster move and you may not leave the deal with those warm butterflies in your tummy but it’s the value that matters.

It is no secret that the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers appear to be splitting up. The Packers have gone as far as to say they want to trade Rodgers but refuse to send him to a team in the NFC. If Rodgers is moved off of the depth chart, they will be left with Jordan Love and Danny Etling. Between those two, I think it would be a safe assumption to believe they will go with the player they selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Sure, the Packers can add a quarterback in free agency or in the draft but knowing NFL front offices, I am willing to risk the cost to acquire Love that the Packers honchos won’t want to look like they wasted a first-round pick and will put him out on the field.

I know you are thinking: but what if Love stinks? It doesn’t matter, in a superflex league, just being a starting quarterback brings value. In leagues that are 12 teams or more, being a top-half backup quarterback even has a decent amount of value. The reason I think grabbing Love right now would be a positive for your dynasty team, regardless if you are a fan of the player, is that at his cost there is no real risk of losing value but there are a few steps along the way he can gain some value.

If March 15th passes and the Packers don’t grab a QB in free agency, it is a bump for Love. If April 28th passes and the Packers don’t draft a QB, it’s another jump. If preseason week one rolls around and Love doesn’t fall on his face, fantastic. If week one of the season comes and Love walks onto the field as the starter, his value can go even higher! But even if the Packers do take on a new quarterback, you are holding on. Like I said at the beginning of this paragraph, backups definitely have their value on your roster.

Now let’s go to the DLF Trade Finder and Trade Analyzer and see what it takes to get some him on your roster.

To the best of my knowledge, Matt Ryan has not retired yet. While he did not look very good last season for the Colts, he is still one of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league. If Ryan wants to play, he can. But if you are telling me I can take that 37-year-old QB and turn him into two shots at value increases at the position, then I am all-in.

Sure, Dalton Schultz is a free agent and could move on. And sure, we have seen that the tight end on the Cowboys usually gets very good volume. Even if that happens, Love definitely has the higher value potential out of anyone in this deal.

This last one is actually a really fun gamble. After Pacheco’s showing in the Super Bowl, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him going for a 2024 first on his own, from the right dynasty manager. This almost feels like Love is an afterthought here. If both of these players walk into the season as starters for their respective teams, I think their collective value will far outweigh a future first-round rookie pick.

So I guess we need to sit back and ask ourselves: “what’s Love got to do with it?” The answer is: he is a low-end player you can bring onto your team who can raise the value of your roster by the end of the non-point-scoring season. And if someone tells you: “can’t buy me Love”, you can show them this article and help them realize that it is the player’s value that matters right now and not always the player themselves.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Jordan Love
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