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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Tua Tagovailoa

Is it time to sell Tua Tagovailoa in dynasty leagues? Is it time to buy? What should you do?

Tua Tagovailoa

My favorite Trading Post articles to write are the ones where I don’t really know the direction or the answer at the end of the rainbow. Is this player a buy, sell, or hold? There are so many things that get taken into consideration when putting one of those labels on a player. Even still, when someone says, “Hey Russ, what should I be doing with Player X?”, I at least have a gut reaction, if not already know how I feel. Every once in a while there are certain players who have so many questions around them right now that it becomes really hard to pick which label. And when I get asked about those specific players my initial reaction is to delete my Twitter account and hide in the corner of the basement curled in a ball, crying. What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatic.

The real answer, when I get asked about those players, is to do what I am about to do. Look up ADP, check out the DLF Trade Finder and Trade Analyzer, and see how other people in the world are feeling right now. When I get to a certain point in that research, my gut will say: “Wait, this all feels way too low” or “Dang, that value is way up there”. That is when I find my answer. Not when I see the results of the research but when I register that first initial gut reaction to what I found.

A few days ago my friend Kenny messaged me on Discord and asked: “What are you doing with Tua Tagovailoa, are you keeping or trading him?”. My response was: “I honestly have no idea. Might write next week's trading post article on him. If you aren't getting full value I would hold.” The second I hit the send button I thought to myself: “Please don’t ask me what full value is…” So here I am, writing this week’s Trading Post article about...

Tua Tagovailoa, QB MIA


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Tua Tagovailoa
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1 month ago

On his Instagram post, Tua said he was excited for ‘next season’, rather than the ‘next chapter’, which seemed to indicate he would still be in south Florida. As a Dolphins fan I am rooting for him, but those concussions were super scary – so as a dynasty manager I am hedging my bets and moving on if possible. That Lance/Purdy deal would probably be enough for me in sflex. Whatever happens, you’d have the starter for the 49ers in a very QB-friendly offense, without the constant fear of a week-killing injury that comes with starting Tua

Chad Fagan
1 month ago

I traded Tua for 2023 3.1 and 2024 1st .. I am a dolphins fan , I see he has a lot of talent and he is also a fragile little man who has proved time and time again how injury prone he is at both the college and pro level… I made that trade in September, foreseeing future injuries

Last edited 1 month ago by Chad Fagan
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