Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Breece Hall

Russ Fisher

Since you are reading this, I can only assume that you read all of the articles and use all of the amazing tools at DLF. If my assumption is correct, congratulations on all of your fantasy football championships! Celebrate! Party! You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Because your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well, they are no friends of mine! Okay, that’s enough, don’t get carried away. The 2022 season is over and we are on to 2023.

I often get asked the question: “How much do you tinker with your team that you just won the championship with? Do you go out looking for trades or do you just ride with the team that just won you the ship?” My answer is always the same: “Congrats on winning! But yes, your team can still be better.”

In the non-point-scoring season, the way to improve your team is to add as much dynasty value as possible. Points, positions, starting lineups, IR, team situation; none of these matter right now. If a player has the chance to increase in dynasty value between now and the start of the 2023 NFL season then getting them on your fantasy team is the right move. The idea is that having the most value possible on your roster will make it easier to make trades before the point-scoring season so you can mold your roster however you see fit when the time comes to score points.

Every once in a while there is a player that fits that description but also would be a great fit for your team once points start to come on the board. Right now, my favorite player that is the best of both of these worlds is…

Breece Hall, RB NYJ

Before tearing his ACL in week seven, Hall was the RB10 in points per game with 16.4. Also not to be forgotten, with Jonathan Taylor having a slow start to the season there was quickly talk of the possibility of placing Hall at the dynasty RB1 spot. Using the DLF ADP and Rankings History app, you can see that since the start of the season, regardless of injury, there has been an increase in every single column.

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Let’s get to the fun part. It is time to use the DLF Trade Finder to find some real trades, then put them into the DLF Trade Analyzer to check on the values in the trades.

word image 1438897 2

This trade feels very solid to me. My first instinct is to let bias take over and say I would prefer the wide receiver. I wouldn’t argue with anyone who would choose Amon-Ra St. Brown in this trade. He finished this season as WR9 in points per game with 17.1 and is currently holding the WR10 spot in December ADP. However, here is my line of thinking on why I would choose Hall in this trade:

  1. Our subject of this article already has a 100-point value lead in this trade
  2. The Jets will have a new offensive coordinator for next season
  3. The Jets should have a new quarterback for next season
  4. There will be a strong value bump for our injured RB at the first sign of a social media post of him jogging, lifting weights, or running drills
  5. If we hold on to both of these players until the season starts, and even if their values stay even, which position has stronger trade values when GMs start to think about their starting lineups? Running backs.

These are all points in favor of a value increase for Hall. From the other side, what are some value swings that could happen for St. Brown?

  1. The Lions have shown commitment to Jared Goff as QB
  2. Jameson Williams will have a healthy off-season program for the first time
  3. The Lions will most likely add a tight end either through the draft or free agency

Honestly, I don’t think any of those actually have any effect on St. Brown’s value. All of this is to say that St. Brown is very good and very valuable but chances are his value stays rather still while there are a few things along the road that could start to bump up Hall’s value.

word image 1438897 3

As a fantasy football GM who had Deebo Samuel on a few rosters, it was surprising to see that Samuel finished as WR24 in points per game with 13.7. On the other side, it was surprising to see that Greg Dulcich finished the season as the TE16 with 11 (in .75 premium leagues). Dulcich was dealing with some injuries towards the end of the season and spent the whole season with the ghost of Russell Wilson throwing him the ball.

Regardless of the situation of my fantasy team, I would send these two players, or players of the same value, to acquire a 21-year-old running back who is currently RB3 in December ADP, is worth 839.2 in the Trade Analyzer, and has all the reasons listed above for a value increase in the near future.

Trading for running backs is usually a big no-no on my non-point-scoring season to-do list but there is an exception to every rule and Breece Hall is that exception.

russ fisher
Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Breece Hall