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Dynasty Twitter Observations: Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore on the Move? Plus Dameon Pierce’s Big Day

What has the dynasty Twittersphere been discussing this week?

Dameon Pierce

We are through five weeks of the 2022 season and we are learning that hope does not spring eternal. While there have been several positive developments for our dynasty teams, there have been just as many, if not more, disappointments. That’s the theme of this edition of Twitter Observations (with one exception) highlighted by the tweets below.

Let’s (Not) Ride

By now, there seems to be a consensus about Russell Wilson. He’s simply not as good as he used to be and that story has been covered ad nauseam. But what about the players around him? Perhaps no play better illustrated the frustration of Denver’s skill position players than the missed opportunity by Wilson to KJ Hamler in the Broncos’ overtime loss to the Colts on Thursday.

Even to the casual fan, Hamler looked wide open for the game-winning score yet Wilson never even saw him. And while Hamler was the focus last night, the whole Denver offense will struggle if Wilson can’t get it going.

Dynasty Impact: After the trade of Wilson to Denver was announced, it jump-started the dynasty values of several Denver players, especially Hamler and Sutton.

And while Courtland Sutton has managed to produce in the wake of Wilson’s effectiveness, no other Broncos offensive player is in the top 30 of fantasy scoring at their position. Couple that with the season-ending injury of running back Javonte Williams (who was struggling to be fantasy-relevant even before his injury) and things look bleak in Denver. Sutton would be the only one worth holding on to or pursuing but the rest of the Broncos players need to be avoided unless Wilson has an epiphany and turns the tide.

Dameon Flew

Every off-season, previously unheralded rookies make their mark in practice. We all pay way too much attention to those reports of a young player looking better than his veteran teammates. Dameon Pierce was one of those players after being drafted in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Granted, he went to one of the worst teams in the NFL, talent-wise, with no significant challenger for carries. But Pierce made the most of it to the point the Texans cut presumed starter Marlon Mack before the season started.

And while Pierce was given every opportunity to succeed, he’s taken advantage of it to the point that he’s not just a good dynasty asset, but a redraft one too. He’s fourth in the league in rushing yards, has scored in three straight games, and is contributing in the passing game, averaging three targets per game.

Dynasty Impact: Pierce’s rise in dynasty value has been nothing short of meteoric. Below is what his ADP has done in his short time in the NFL.

The scary part, for those dynasty managers who don’t have Pierce, is it will only go higher. He’s just 22 and has proven to be unaffected by the woeful offense around him. Pierce managers can only imagine what his production will be with more talent in Houston.

For that reason, I wouldn’t fault anyone for trading Pierce to the highest bidder. Yes, he’s a rookie running back who’s producing but we’ve seen how short the fantasy lifespan is at the position. If you can cash out with either multiple rookie picks or a pick and players to help your team, I would do it.

Abandon Ship

It only took a month to have our first firing in the coaching ranks. The Panthers let go of Matt Rhule after a 1-4 start this season. This follows two seasons where Rhule failed to top five wins in either one. Needless to say, it was time for a change. But Rhule’s termination is not only kicking off the annual ritual of coaching changes but could also set off aftershocks in the Panthers organization itself. Namely, if Carolina decides to do a complete rebuild, which is on the table, we could see fantasy studs like Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore shipped off to teams that can use them in 2022 rather than be part of a five-year plan.

Dynasty Impact: 2022 was always going to be a make-or-break year for Rhule and Carolina. If he didn’t turn it around this year, and early, the relatively new ownership in Carolina was going to move on. And by dynasty standards, the values of McCaffrey and Moore were trending in the wrong direction anyway.

In light of recent and potential moves, now would be a great time to pounce on McCaffrey and Moore, just like actual NFL teams are expected to do. Both have been valuable on the train wreck that was Carolina which means their value has bottomed out. Imagine Moore on a team that has a competent quarterback or McCaffrey on a team in need of a running back. I’d be making offers to the teams in your league with either one of those players before it’s too late.

Robinson Mask

We are all keenly aware of the struggles of Allen Robinson this season. After signing with the Rams in the off-season, the expectation (again) was that Robinson would return to his Pro Bowl form of 2015. And while he had a couple of 1,000-yard seasons in Chicago, none were as dominant as that 2015 season which now looks like his peak. And unfortunately, his 2022 season looks like it might be his low point.

He has just 107 yards through five (!) games and has seen just 23 targets. Not exactly what the Rams had in mind when they signed him in the off-season nor Robinson dynasty managers when they looked at their 2022 roster.

Dynasty Impact: There’s no way to sugarcoat Robinson’s situation. It’s bad. To complicate things, the Rams’ offense doesn’t look great either which makes it hard for Robinson to individually climb out of this hole. I’m sure any Robinson dynasty manager would gladly take anything you offered for him but that doesn’t mean you should do it. The fact is he will be 30 years old next year and is two seasons removed from being fantasy-relevant. If you’re on the Robinson end of this trade, take what you can get.

Dynasty Twitter Observations: Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore on the Move? Plus Dameon Pierce’s Big Day
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