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The Ask DLF Weekly Rundown

Tyler Justin Karp answers questions from the 8/2/22 Weekly Ask DLF show.

Brevin Jordan

We do a weekly Ask DLF show every Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern on DLF’s YouTube Channel. Every week, we answer live dynasty questions and love doing it, especially with how interactive the live chat is. Of course, make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel so you can be a part of this experience in the future.

However, the chat has become so active that we rarely actually answer all the questions in full detail. Still, we don’t want to let the people down, especially those who tuned into the live show. Therefore, we decided to do this article series, where we will provide written answers to some of the lengthier questions or the ones where we had to cut the answer short.

Let’s jump into this week’s first question!


Oldack – In a 12 team SF startup start 10. Any general strategies for moving around the board in terms of trading up and down? I know definitely don’t fade QB!

Generally, I suggest trading down more than trading up, but I don’t enter startup drafts with a set strategy. I always follow the Dynasty Outhouse mantra of “draft for value, trade for need,” but I probably go beyond that in my startup drafts. I typically like to accumulate future first-round picks, especially this year with the loaded 2023 draft class. Therefore, I lean into the productive struggle draft style more in startups this year, although I often choose to build my teams that way anyway.

As for fading quarterbacks, I wouldn’t recommend doing that in a superflex startup, as you said. I don’t need to draft five or six quarterbacks, as I’ve found that opposing managers are less likely to pay up for middling quarterbacks than in the past. Right now, there is a clear top-20 quarterback group in DLF’s latest superflex ADP, and I’d like to have at least two of those players. I’d prefer three quarterbacks from the top-20, but I can live with my QB3 as Ryan Tannehill or someone like that.


Scuba Steve – 12 team SF Contending. Lamar and ’23 2nd or Dak, Conner & ’23 1st?I always like to pick at least one trade question to highlight the DLF Trade Analyzer.

As you can see, the analyzer prefers the Prescott side, and I agree. Prescott and Jackson are first-round startup picks in DLF’s current superflex ADP, and a 2023 first-rounder is worth far more than a second-rounder. I’d take the Prescott side even without James Conner, so adding him to the deal makes it a smash accept for that side.


Damon Piselli – Thoughts on Brevin Jordan? Lovie came out today and said he is not the starter.

Jordan had a solid college career at Miami.

Chart courtesy of Sports Reference CFB

He improved in receiving yards each season, eventually topping out at 576 yards in eight games in his 2020 campaign. Most notably, he tied for the 2020 team lead in receiving touchdowns and finished second in yards and receptions behind Mike Harley.

Given his frame and college production, Jordan declared early for the 2021 NFL Draft. At the time, it seemed like Jordan would compete for the TE2 spot in the rookie class with Pat Freiermuth, behind superstar prospect Kyle Pitts. But, unfortunately, Jordan’s athletic metrics let him down, pushing him way down draft boards.

Chart courtesy of PlayerProfiler

As you can see, he comes in with a terrible agility score and mediocre results across the other metrics. While he profiled well in analytics metrics like college dominator and breakout age, his SPARQ score likely scared NFL teams. Because of those concerns, he fell to the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, going off the board as the ninth tight end selected.

However, he landed in a decent spot on the talent-barren Texans’ roster, which had a rebuilding year in 2021.

Chart courtesy of Pro Football Reference

Of course, I wouldn’t get overly excited about 20 receptions for 178 yards and three touchdowns. But he only played nine games, and most rookie tight ends produce minimal statistics. Nevertheless, considering his draft capital and injuries, he had a good rookie year.

Looking forward to 2022, the Texans failed to add any significant talent at the tight end position. They re-signed journeyman Pharaoh Brown and drafted Teagan Quitoriano in the fifth round, but it seemed like Jordan would open the season as the starter. I don’t believe head coach Lovie Smith’s comments, and I still project Jordan to lead the tight end room in receiving statistics. Additionally, the Texans lost second-round wide receiver John Metchie to leukemia for the 2022 season, leaving even more targets for Jordan. But, I encourage dynasty managers not to get carried away with Jordan, as his poor athleticism will likely prevent him from becoming a top-tier tight end at any point.


Corey Skiles – News about Tim Patrick is awful, but since he’s out for the season, what do we do with KJ Hamler? How far up do you move him in rankings and what is his trade value? Love the show, thanks guys!

I wouldn’t recommend getting carried away with KJ Hamler.

As a rookie, he didn’t take a significant role in the offense, as he only had 30 receptions for 381 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games. He finished fifth on the team in receptions behind Noah Fant, Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, and Melvin Gordon. Even after Courtland Sutton’s season-ending ACL tear in week one, Hamler still failed to emerge.

In 2021, Hamler played three games before tearing his ACL in week three. He did almost nothing in those contests, totaling five receptions for 74 yards. In week two, he saw a 71% snap share after Jeudy’s high ankle sprain, but he still only had one catch for five yards. Therefore, it’s fair to consider Hamler a true flier, even now that he should have a chance to play. I would quickly accept a pair of 2023 third-rounders in exchange for Hamler, and I might even take a single third.


Gray Area – You guys gave me some good trade ideas and I’m getting closer to competing 14 team 1qb dynasty.

I just wanted to close out the article by thanking you for this comment and all other positive comments on Ask DLF. The audience makes this show happen, so I always want to take some time to show my appreciation. Thanks for all the support.


The Ask DLF Weekly Rundown
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William Downs
4 months ago

Love these articles. I promise I had the exact same question about Brevin Jordan when I read that quote from Lovie Smith (considering Brevin has been featured in numerous articles this offseason as a sleeper/breakout candidate).

Gregory Massa
4 months ago

Considering Metchie, would you move up Nico Collins? He’s made some noise so far this offseason, just not sure how much he has to offer long term… thoughts?

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