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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Bankroll Leagues

How should you approach a bankroll dynasty league? We break down the top strategies.

Ja'Marr Chase

Now that the basic and most universal strategies for dynasty leagues have been covered, let’s kick it up a notch in our latest installment of the Dynasty Strategy series. One of the most interesting, frustrating and time-consuming ways to start a dynasty league is by creating a bankroll (or auction) league. Personally, I love these leagues for a multitude of reasons that we will get into in this article, but they are not for everyone.

So let’s start with the fundamental question you need to ask yourself:

Are bankroll leagues for me?

That depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go when it comes to fantasy football. Bankroll leagues certainly up the intensity and strategy involved with building a roster and also really extend the timeline, with startups often lasting weeks instead of hours (though not requiring your attention the entire time by any means).

Bankroll leagues also allow a freedom you can’t find with any other format. You have the option to pick up any player you want during the startup draft without fear of being “sniped” by the person choosing before you.

Think you are ready for a new challenge? Keep reading, you crazy degenerate, and we will get you ready to start playing my absolute favorite format.

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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Bankroll Leagues
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10 months ago

Michael, thanks a lot for the detailed article. I want to start a league this year with player contracts since the old league use to use an extended keeper format (it might as well have been a half-dynasty with how many we kept each year).
Just so I understand this correctly, this is like a longer, more drawn out auction draft? I’m also a little confused about the proxy bid idea. Is the initial bid not shown the first time someone nominates a player or does it just set it to an arbitrary amount? What if that arbitrary amount is too high? How long do the contracts last for? When FA comes around, does the player’s number just reset and you do the bidding process all over again?

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