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Dynasty Fantasy Football Decision: Would You Rather Cam Akers or Derrick Henry?

Should you take a chance on the younger back in dynasty leagues? Or stick with a proven producer?

Cam Akers and Derrick Henry

Should you take a chance on the younger back in dynasty leagues? Or stick with a proven producer?


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Decision: Would You Rather Cam Akers or Derrick Henry?
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Mark Boutot
24 days ago

I’m very surprised this is not a slam-dunk in Akers’ favor. With the, in my opinion, over-emphasis on youth and age profile in dynasty, I’m wondering why it’s not more tilted toward the younger guy; I mean, Akers has 5 1/2 years on Henry. Both are coming off of “foot-area” injuries; is this because of a determination that an Achilles’ injury is worse than a broken bone in the foot? So that evens things up a bit? Sure, a broken bone can heal “better” than an Achilles can but once a bone is broken, it’s never quite as strong as it was pre-break. It is susceptible to re-breaking.

However, considering that Akers came into the league and didn’t exactly light it on fire in his rookie season, then suffered a fairly major foot injury, maybe the reason Akers is thought of so highly and ranked (currently) as the Dynasty #9 RB vs Henry as the #14 RB maybe this is another example of the “shiny new car” syndrome I feel we fall prey to in dynasty. For me, I’d take Henry over Akers easily. Give me another two seasons of Henry like he’s produced in the past before he falls off a cliff over the potential Akers will be “better for longer”. BUT, if I’m the one holding Akers, I will try to make you give me more in a trade as I “play up” Akers’ youth and potential future success. 🙂

Michael Torriero
23 days ago

How can u trust Cam…
Henry all day long …
He’s my guy…

Wendell Bera
23 days ago

Achilles are the worst injury for a rb to overcome and Cam hasn’t shown to be any different than any other player who suffered the same fate. His 1.6 yds in the Super Bowl and 2.6 yds overall since his return are all the proof I need to see to make me belive he isn’t going to buck the trend. Yes, a few players have come back to play, but none of them ever produced anything close to rb1 numbers that everyone thinks he is. And all were out of the league within a couple of years of returning. I don’t currently have any shares of Akers but if I did and was getting offers for anything around what he is currently valued at I’d be smash hitting accept every time.

Charles Day
23 days ago

Hmm, I dealt Akers as soon as I could after I saw his “comeback” performance at the end of last season. I got a 2022 1.05 for him, a 2022 1.04 for 1.09 and 2.03, and then dealt the 1.04 and 1.05 for Justin Jefferson. A good deal that got better when Breece Hall shockingly dropped to me at 1.03. So, i guess my answer is that I’d rather have Breece Hall than either of them. For other folks, I guess it would depend on whether you’re in a rebuild and want to roll the dice on Akers’ recovery or you’re contending now and hope for 1 or 2 more RB1 seasons from Henry. And did I mention that the anchor of the Rams’ offensive line retired?

22 days ago

Cam Akers does not belong in the same sentence as Henry. I understand Akers is younger, but comparing him to Henry doesn’t make sense to me. There is no comparison to be drawn.

Mark Boutot
21 days ago

Agree with all the comments! How to explain not only the poll result; the trade analyzer result; but also the ranking of Akers as Dynasty RB #9? Is Dynasty really that much of an incredibly intense age-related bubble?

George Ho
18 days ago

This is ridiculous. Those favoring Akers have been sniffing too much glue. Henry is built like an F-150 with a 2,000 yard season and essentially in his prime, and Akers is JAG that looked awful last year. So what he’s 5 years younger?

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