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Dynasty Fantasy Football Buy, Sell and Hold: AFC West

Eric Hardter continues his division by division breakdown of buys, sells and holds.

Eric Hardter continues his division by division breakdown of buys, sells and holds.


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Buy, Sell and Hold: AFC West
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3 months ago

I think Jeudy is as much a buy as Sutton. Jeudy has the higher ADP and price but his ceiling is also higher IMO. Sutton will be 27 just a few weeks into the season. Jeudy just turned 23. Jeudy also has the much higher draft capital. Sutton is really only tied to Denver thru 2023. Jeudy is practically tied to Wilson thru 2024.

Justin Harding
Reply to  yellowdart24
3 months ago

Thanks Yellow Dart, I’m glad someone finally has mentioned something positive about Jeudy because I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. His value has a chance to go into the Top 12 dynasty WRs with a big season because of Age, Pedigree and situation and to me it feels like a good gamble. Everyone seems to agree that Wilson has the best weapons he has ever had in Denver and yet Juedy and Sutton are not even WR 2s in ADP?

Is it because nobody knows which will be the top option and so everyone is fading both? My thought is they all can eat and thrive. Recently bought Jeudy for Ken Walker so I’m gambling with ya.

John Anello
3 months ago

Thanks for these articles, they’re very helpful. Im on board with all of these except I do strongly disagree with your “sell” on Javonte Williams. It seems more Dynasty startup slanted rather than if you acquired him in the 2021 rookie draft. I can see bypassing him at his current 1st round ADP, for a top WR or another top 5 RB though cant imagine selling him for an aging RB like Henry, Cook or Ekeler, even in a win now scenario. Just my take as these young talented RBs are few and far between. Thx

Mark Boutot
3 months ago

“Oh no, here I go again”. Everyone will think I have something against Javonte Williams but I don’t; I have a thing against all who are ranking him so highly. I completely agree with Eric’s statement: I don’t hate the player, I hate the ADP.” And, this might be heresy to some (most?) but every single one of the theoretical trades mentioned in the write-up, I would take WITH THE ADDITION of asking for a high pick as well. The computer will tell us those potential deals are “of equal weight”. However, with the subjective nature and sentimentality that goes into fantasy football, especially the chance to be able to own that one player everyone is raving about, you know if you had Williams you could get MORE than what the Analyzer is telling us out. And it’s being able to take advantage of that is what is important in FF.

Mark Boutot
Reply to  Eric Hardter
3 months ago

I understand your analogy completely and it’s now made me seek out that movie and re-watch it as it’s been awhile. BTW, I was 40 years old when that movie came out – but that’s where the similarities end. 🙂 And what a doofus smile!

This whole discussion leads into another indirectly related topic I love to discuss which is: “How Long Is Dynasty?” In short, I think people rank Williams top-5 because (I feel) over the next 5 years he will return top-5 production. If I’m ranking for dynasty purposes, and that is how I approach things, that’s my focus, 5 years. If I think I’m moving on from that type of player in two to three years, then my focus and approach ought to be completely different. I should be looking at players with two years of “useful life left” such as Derrick Henry and ranking him higher. The only player I’ve owned for an extended period of time was LaDainian Tomlinson; from when I drafted him in 2001 until he left the Chargers in 2010. A nine-year ownership of a player? Now, THAT is how I think of “dynasty”.

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