Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Rookie Drafts

As the series rolls on, it is time to cover the most exciting time for any existing dynasty leagues: the rookie draft! In the previous installment of this series around rebuilding, our teams were set up for this moment and the moves made during the draft will either accelerate or completely derail the process. This article will make sure you take the steps necessary to either build or maintain a league winner. I am going to try to not repeat too many of the concepts covered in the startup draft and trade articles but there are some that bear repeating due to the importance of the topics.

So let’s jump right into Rookie Draft Strategy!

Put together your rookie rankings before the NFL Draft in tiers and only move players within the tier after the landing spot is determined

We all know the cautionary tales of Clyde Edwards-Helaire going too high and AJ Brown going far too low because the dynasty community overrated the impact the landing spot would have on these players. In the NFL, situations change in the blink of an eye so we are looking to collect talent and watch it win out despite what might look like a poor situation due to coaching staff, offensive efficiency or depth chart. Patience is a virtue in dynasty so grab those studs and don’t worry about the team around them.

The exception to this rule is draft capital. A free fall in the NFL Draft can and should impact your rankings. The league and team’s opinion of a player is important when it comes to them seeing the field. Taking a day three draft pick in the first round of a rookie draft is a dangerous proposition with a low likelihood of success. Let someone else reach early and go with players who have significant investment in their success by the team that took them.

Let’s carry this thought out a little further with another rule for rookie drafts.


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Rookie Drafts