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Rebuilding a Dynasty Fantasy Football Squad: Behind the Curtain

Leo Paciga outlines two strategies for approaching a dynasty roster rebuild.

Justin Jefferson

Rebuilding a dynasty squad.

Some folks love the challenge a rebuild presents while others obsess over the difficulty or avoid it like four-day old leftovers. First off, being candid with you folks - during the past two decades, I was generally rebuilding one of my teams. Why? Nothing sharpens your trading skills like rebuilding a roster. I also hate being a middle-of-the-pack squad - enough assets to be sporadically dangerous, but never consistently elite.

Note: Most of my experience comes from playing in 1QB leagues so my articles will always have a 1QB perspective.


Basically, I categorize rebuilds into two types - "on the fly" and "burn it to the ground" and both are handled differently. Let's talk about burning a roster to the ground first. Key factor - you need an active league to accomplish this type of roster reconstruction in a decent time frame. You also need an awareness/understanding when it comes to your league-mates. Who buys vets for a title run? Who sells future picks? Who usually pays fair value? Who responds quickly and negotiates? Who gets turned off and shuts down trade talks by receiving low opening offers? Which league-mate needs a perfect starting lineup in June?


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Rebuilding a Dynasty Fantasy Football Squad: Behind the Curtain
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Kraig Wirkus
17 days ago

Great article! I’m in the process of a rebuild after I knew I wasn’t going to make the playoffs. It’s been a lot of fun and really exciting.

Geoff Farina
14 days ago

Nice article, i fall strictly into the burn it to the ground option and think i have done a good job of that. Ive gotten rid of any valuable RBs ive had and flipped them for Recievers i like (Jaylen Waddle and Arizona Hollywood Brown). According to any calc i most definitely overpaid for Waddle but im in this for the long term and I see waddle as a very high end WR1 in 2023-2024. I currently have this years 1.12 because im just not that interested in this class BUT ive accumulated 4 23 firsts already which im very excited about. Patience and probably being awful next year will be tough however and i need to try to stay the course

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