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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading: Behind the Curtain

Leo Paciga returns to DLF to share his thoughts on trading in your dynasty leagues.

AJ Brown

I've been discussing quite a few fantasy football strategies and tactics on social media this off-season and decided it was time to weave some of that dynasty goodness into an article or two - and share with my good friends at Dynasty League Football.

So that being said, let's dive right in and discuss some of my thoughts on dynasty trading. One trading blueprint in my bag of tricks focuses on breaking trades into three basic categories:

  • Blind Trading
  • Preemptive Trading
  • Insider Trading

A quick explanation:

Blind trading isn’t truly blind, but it typically ignores half of the equation. It’s based solely on your values, your feelings, your goals, your strategies and your assessment of the skill levels and rosters of the other members in your league.

Preemptive trading deals with reading the room, but without specific data. You know you have a hot commodity based on industry chatter, or maybe someone posts a trade bait update, or a message board post is created about a particular player or roster need. Two sides of the equation are in play, but the formula to complete a deal is fuzzy and still out of focus.

Insider trading is the ultimate goal and what my notebook strategy is built upon. Know your league-mates and their tendencies. Know who aggressively devalues aging players a year too early, or who overpays for rookie picks right before a draft. Identify who sells rookie picks two years out at a significant discount. Having that type of data and insider insight makes trading so much easier.

Let's dig a bit deeper…


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading: Behind the Curtain
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Dan Harnack
6 months ago

Excellent subject matter and well written article

Pete Davidson
6 months ago

I feel seen after reading that “acquiring the perfect starting lineup in June” part. Smart stuff as always from Leo.

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