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Dynasty Fantasy Football Decision: Would You Rather Mark Andrews or DJ Moore?

We break down the results of our latest dynasty poll.

Mark Andrews and DJ Moore

Welcome to Would You Rather: Dynasty Edition, a series from DLF based on the popular board game. Each week we post a poll on Twitter asking fans who they prefer between a player or a certain pick. The values used here come via the DLF Trade Analyzer. We will cover the results and discuss both sides of the poll in depth. Let’s get right to it!

Mark Andrews vs DJ Moore

Last time, we covered a trade involving Mike Evans versus Elijah Moore. We always look at players or picks that carry similar values and let you vote on who you would rather have.

This week's piece was done as an experiment on the value of position scarcity. We knew the values were almost identical before launching the poll but wanted to see how the voters would react when a tight end was injected into the formula. Here were the results:

The result was just our second instance of the voters not aligning with the values of the trade analyzer. This one was not particularly close, with the tight end winning by a nearly two-to-one margin.

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Data Courtesy DLF Trade Analyzer.

These numbers reflect a one-quarterback league. If we toggle to superflex, the value for Andrews outweighs Moore by a score of 452.2 to 389.9 and makes this poll make a little more sense than it does for a single signal-caller league. To get the Ravens tight end in this scenario, you would need to add a player of the caliber of Hunter Henry or Dalton Schultz to land the TE1 from 2021.

A Case for DJ Moore


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Decision: Would You Rather Mark Andrews or DJ Moore?
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4 months ago

Blows my mind that anyone would rather have DJ Moore than an elite TE. The impactvof Andrews is sooooo much higher than any WR2

Reply to  Jeff Smith
4 months ago

Andrews is just now entering the prime for TEs, has a QB and I believe is only a year older. I just dont see a time where id rather have DJM more. Moore wont outscore Andrews on a per game basis and even if he did itd have to be by a lot to close the gap on the position scarcity. There are probably 20 or so WRs about the same as DJM on a per game basis. Andrews maybe 2-4 TEs who can come close to his production and he gets better each hear.

Reply to  Jeff Smith
4 months ago

What makes you feel like he isnt? One of those guys? Dude just had 107 catches 1361 yards 9 TDs and the team just lost Brown and didnt replace him. He should see elite target share and is only 26. When will DJ Moore have a competent QB to make him anymore exciting than a mid wr2? Even if Andrews only has 2 more years any where near as productive as last year he is still wayyyyy more valuable than Moore. DJ Moore would need a Mahomes, Herbert, Burrow type upgrade by next year to get anywhere close to Andrews value and weekly production.

Reply to  Jeff Smith
4 months ago

Yea i agree the one fear I would have is they revert back to a more run eccentric offense. Time will tell for sure, I hope Moore gets a QB I’ve always loved his talent.

Justin Mazzella
4 months ago

Man, I’m such a DJ Moore fan and truther. I understand why people would select Andrews. He’s basically a less sexy Kelce, but right now I think it’s a mix of positional scarcity, his several top finishes, and recency bias after Brown leaving.

Some counter points though: Is tight end really that scarce at the moment? I think there are a decent amount of weekly startable players, and enough of the Hayden Hursts and Gerald Everett types to sub in from the wire/bench potentially. Also, which player would be more on an uptrend? I think that would be DJ M. He’s a quarterback away from showing people his top 5 ceiling. I think this season Andrews might feast until he pukes. But I also think selling high on Andrews or buying disrespectfully low on DJ Moore would also be fine moves. You could honestly get DJ + for Andrews. If you could but DJM + Schultz for Andrews would you not do that? I just might.

Reply to  Jeff Smith
4 months ago

I agree it can only get better, but not this year unfortunately. I love DJM incredible talent, wasted to a degree by bad QB play

Patrick Martin
4 months ago

Personally, the answer here is Andrews based on TE scarcity and the abundance of quality WRs available in fantasy right now. Andrews will play 3 more seasons before he hits age 30, and even then we’ve seen high profile TEs remain productive into their early 30s. I’m a DJ Moore fan as well, but I can’t think of a situation where I’d rather take Moore over Andrews straight up.
If I’m competing and need a TE he’s as close to a lock to finish in the top 3 at his position as you can get and I can find plenty of cost effective WRs who will produce similarly to DJM. In a rebuild I’d still be willing to take Andrews, as he will likely return more in a trade. Even if I decided to hang on to him and it takes me 2 years to reach a competitive state I’ll still likely be getting 2-3 seasons of top tier TE play once my team has turned the corner.

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