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2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts: How and Where to Pick Running Backs

Desperate for a running back this year? We outline your potential rookie draft options.

Dameon Pierce

The 2022 NFL Draft is over and landing spots have been declared. In your dynasty leagues, you have a plethora of picks in all rounds and are eager to fill up a position of need; running back. The questions are: who do you target? When do you make the selection? How do you know who to pick and why? Worry not, this article is here to help guide you through your running back woes.

The first thing to mention is to never ever force a pick of a running back if it’s not necessary. That’s how people were burned with Ke'Shawn Vaughn and Trey Sermon in the previous two drafts. If you need a running back and you are on the clock, take the best player available. The number one rule of dynasty is to draft for talent, and trade for need. You have four months to trade to fill the void, so don’t force something that’s not there.


In this draft, we have the top two players – Breece Hall and Kenneth Walker III – and then everyone else. If you have a need at running back and you own the first overall pick, you are in luck. Hall is a prospect who is ready to go, and if your team is too, this pick is a no-brainer. But if you aren’t ready to compete yet and 2023 is what you’re gearing up for, you should be seeking a trade.

Even moving one spot back in the draft could be beneficial because Walker is going to need a full season of work and practice to become the kind of back everyone expects him to be. Drafting Walker will keep your 2023 draft picks from decreasing in value, while still giving you a quality player in return.

If you own any other pick in the first round that’s not a top-two selection, then don’t force anything. Either trade back or take the best player available. Reaching for a running back is one of the worst mistakes a fantasy owner can make. Draft that value and then use it to trade for what you need later on.



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2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts: How and Where to Pick Running Backs
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mike fredrickson
6 months ago

I had superflex draft last night. I took Zamir @ 26 and Keaontay Ingram @ 48. I had pick #13 and thought long about dameon pierce, but took the higher rated dotson

Rick Solak
6 months ago

14 team sf ppr.
1.1 Breece Hall
3.2 Brian Robinson
3.12 Keontay Ingram
4.08 Jerome Ford
UDFA Kevin Harris.

Feeling pretty good after reading this.

Would you trade a 2023 3rd for Strong?

Thanks Mike.

Rick Solak
Reply to  Mike Havens
6 months ago

Thanks Mike hit elijah mitchell last year in 4th rounds, once in the 5th cause of your analysis!

6 months ago

Great article as always, Mike. Thank you! I really think after Hall, it’s take your guy and I appreciate you lining out where to take all these RB’s. Is Spiller a good value at the end of the 2nd? He goes to a prime spot where Ekeler has said he wants less touches. All the other RB’s except Pearce, Hall and Algier are in committees too. I have a hard time passing on Spiller with such good game tape in the 2nd. It seems across the board, the combine caused larger than normal tilts in value. Am I missing something?

Larry Gunn
Reply to  Mike Havens
6 months ago

Thanks Mike. Great as always. I also really like Spiller’s ability. Also love this tape. With a couple fixes, I think he’s a steal.
It’s not like Eckler is getting younger(27 at seasons start) and he now doubt would like to go back to his role when Gordon was there.
I could see Spiller getting a good amount of first and second down work, especially inside the 20. He also has good receiving ability and he will earn some of those I think. I really like the line the Chargers are putting together.
For me personally, I have no problem spending a second on him at the beginning of the round. He’s a value target for me.

Reply to  Mike Havens
6 months ago

Excellent! Thanks Mike! Lateral quickness is absolutely important for NFL RB’s. I appreciate the added insight.

Steve Volk
6 months ago

What are the “red flags” for White?

6 months ago

Our rookie draft is this Sunday, I have the 1.12 (as a result of a trade, not because I won the title, unfortunately!). I’m seeing Dameon Pierce rising in ADP and I’m strongly considering taking him – I already have Marlon Mack, so I figure it’s going to lock up that backfield for the coming season and maybe longer. My starters are Akers / J Williams / Etienne / Edmonds, so I’m not in desperate need of an immediate starter – but the WR options at that point aren’t likely to be great. Thoughts? Thanks!

Ed Geis
6 months ago

So what is it about Ingram that has you selecting him in the 2nd while the NFL saw a 6th round pick? I liked Ingram, but thought he’d get late day-2, early day-3 draft capital. I was not expecting that late slot.

Andy Cook
Reply to  Ed Geis
6 months ago

Agree, the draft guide has him as a 4th/5th so it was odd seeing him suggested as a 2nd.

Gregory Massa
6 months ago

I believe you guys might have misspelled Pacheco’s first name. I’m seeing it spelled “Isiah” not “isaih”.

Gregory Massa
Reply to  Mike Havens
6 months ago
Justin Mazzella
6 months ago

Thanks Mike! Good to see some of the players I took have some good takes.

I got Breece at 1.01 but aside from him the only RBs I took this year were Robinson at 3.08, I traded back in to get him, and then I picked up Pacheco as a CEH owner, and Kennedy Brooks as a Sanders/Gainwell owner.

Do you think K Brooks is worth it though? I’m thinking of dropping him and stashing Kevin Harris. I like his chances for next year.

Wendell Bera
6 months ago

The top of the 1st rnd is pretty cut and dry, but the late 1st is where it gets interesting. White is in your top 12 but you don’t value him as a 1st rnd pick, so what do you do if you’re holding the 1.10 to 1.12 pick? Do you draft him because he’s your highest ranked player or do you pass on him because you don’t think he’s worth a 1st?

Geronimo Colon
6 months ago

Great insight on round selections Mike. Just completed 12 team PPR BestBall draft and went heavy with RB’s: J Cook 1.12, Z White 2.11, J Woods TE 3.05, J Ross (4.05) and J Ford (5.05)

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