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2022 Coaching Changes: Brian Daboll to the New York Giants

Brian Daboll

Savvy fantasy football managers focus on all positions of a football team. This includes the coaching staff. Changes in the off-season can have a huge impact on the production of skill players at certain positions. Each week we will take a look at one of the nine coaches who have found new homes and examine the potential dynasty impact on the key members of that team.

Jones-ing for Improvement

The New York Giants named Brian Daboll the 22nd head coach in franchise history on January 28th. You would have to think one of the main reasons they did is so their new head honcho could do with Daniel Jones what he did with Josh Allen. The former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator is given a great deal of credit for his development of Allen since his rookie season.

The big question is: will they give former first-round pick Jones that much more time? Does he have one season to improve? Two? They could give him 2022 to show some progress and then blow the whole thing up in 2023 when the quarterback class is stronger than it will be this April. Time will tell.


There are a lot of questions to be answered at the quarterback position as we mentioned in the open. Jones is seemingly the starter still, but what will April bring? Tyrod Taylor was also recently signed to be the backup or perhaps even the starter should Jones continue to struggle in 2022. This is a significant upgrade from 2021 when Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon were backups. Both of those players are free agents and will likely be allowed to seek employment elsewhere without much opposition. There will certainly be a lot of eyes monitoring the situation and it will be interesting, to say the least.

Daniel Jones

To say Jones has been a disappointment since being selected sixth overall in the 2019 draft would be an understatement. From a real-life and fantasy perspective, the prospect from Duke has gotten worse each of his first three seasons in the league.

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It is hard to put all of the blame on the signal-caller. The offensive line has ranked 31st and 30th the past two seasons, according to Pro Football Focus. Injuries have also been a factor and the front office has not exactly been hitting home runs, or even doubles for that matter, with the moves they have been making.

Joe Schoen should do much better having learned from Billy Beane in Buffalo. We talked in the open about the Giants hoping for a Josh Allen-type growth from Jones with Daboll leading the way – and here’s how the QBs he has worked with before have panned out.

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Here we see the meteoric rise for Allen from his rookie year in 2018 until today. Disregard the earlier stint for Daboll in Cleveland, Miami, and Kansas City. His quarterbacks then were Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Matt Moore, and Matt Cassel. Even Sid Gillman or Bill Walsh could not have done much with that group.

Jones is in the last year of his contract. I think the talent is there and the 25-year-old has just been put in bad spots and had poor coaching early on in his career. One thing is for certain, if there are struggles over the first five or six games, the new regime will likely just pull the plug for good so be sure to factor that in when making dynasty decisions involving the beleaguered quarterback.

Running Back

The running back position was supposed to have been an area of strength for the G-Men. Unfortunately, injuries to star running back Saquon Barkley have made the running game almost non-existent in the Meadowlands. New York signed Matt Breida on March 22nd, but his addition should not pose much of a threat to the incumbent starter. They do have a couple of other nice, young pieces in Gary Brightwell and Antonio Williams, but the trio of second-stringers will likely form a committee backing up Barkley.

Saquon Barkley

Along with improved quarterback play due to the solid coaching of Daboll, the Giants are hoping to get a full season out of Barkley for the first time since his rookie year back in 2018. The Penn State star running back has only played in a total of 44 of 65 possible games (67.7%) and either played hurt or left early in several of the 44 games he has played in.

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Much like his quarterback and teammate Jones, Barkley has gotten progressively worse each year he has been in the league (only two games played in 2020). Injuries and poor offensive line play can be blamed, but how much longer will the Giants be patient with their former number two overall pick?

As is the case with Jones, Barkley has his contract expire at the end of 2022. Dynasty managers have already taken notice.

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His ADP rode steady at three for most of 2021 but then dipped all the way down to 31st overall in February of 2022. Age and injury concerns are a factor and just the overall poor offensive performance put up by the Giants every week has many running for the hills on the former stud.

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New head coach Brian Daboll put Peyton Hillis on a Madden cover (Madden 12) and was able to coax an RB19 finish out of Devin Singletary in 2021 despite having a three-headed monster in the backfield for most of the season. As is the case with Jones, an improved offensive line and general improvements on the offense as a whole will go a long way in determining whether or not Barkley will get a second contract with the Giants.

Wide Receiver

The position was so bad in 2021 that we are not going to highlight any one individual. Things do not look much more promising for 2022 unless there are some additions made in the draft or via trade. The Giants were second in futility in the receiving department, trailing only the New Orleans Saints in yards and yards per game. They were also third from last in receiving touchdowns with just 15 on the entire season.

Kenny Golladay is the number one wide receiver on the depth chart and “led” New York with 89.1 PPR points. Rookie Kadarius Toney and long-time Giant wideout Sterling Shepard were the only other receivers to score more than 75 points.

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The contract Golladay signed guarantees he will be back in 2022 despite being 29 years old and catching zero touchdowns last season. Shepard is also 29 and is expected to be back as the WR2, while the youngster Toney should play a lot more if he can manage to stay healthy.

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There is not much else on the roster that inspires confidence heading into 2022. John Ross and Dante Pettis are free agents and several other players listed here are only on the roster because no one could stay healthy in the wide receiver room last year.

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The one positive we can find is that as Josh Allen matured and got better in Buffalo, so did the receiving group.

Ownership in New York is hoping for a quick turnaround with new general manager Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll similar to the one Buffalo pulled off when they brought in Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott. Both the new GM and coach were understudies of the former and should have taken plenty of notes on how to go from zero to hero in just a season or two.

The talent could be there. Perhaps all that was lacking was leadership. Keep an eye on what happens in April and adjust accordingly. In the meantime, don’t go chasing any players mentioned here outside of Toney.

Tight End

We would love to talk about Evan Engram here because he actually led all pass catchers on the team with 104.8 fantasy points. However, the veteran has since gone to Jacksonville to play on a one-year “prove it” deal, leaving the Giants with 27-year-old Ricky Seals-Jones atop the depth chart at the position. Yikes!

The only other players under contract at the position are Jake Hausmann, Chris Myarick, and Rysen John. That trio has a combined three receptions for 17 yards and one touchdown, all coming from Hausmann throughout 11 games. The other two have never been active on game day.

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Data Courtesy of DLF Coaching History App.

We threw in the coaching history for Daboll for consistency and information. Dawson Knox did well in 2021. Obviously, there is no one on the Giants of his caliber so avoid this position altogether on this team for the foreseeable future.


Fortunately, the Giants have a lot of draft capital to help fill some of the holes on offense in 2022. All told, New York has nine draft picks, including the fifth and seventh overall. Along with the two high first-rounders, they have five picks out of the first 81 selections. This may be just what the new duo of Schoen and Daboll need to pull off a Bills-Esque turnaround.

Their assets are a pretty solid avoid for us – outside of Barkley and Toney – unless you can get Jones on the cheap. You can be sure there will be no shortage of storylines coming out of East Rutherford. Hold on tight!

2022 Coaching Changes: Brian Daboll to the New York Giants
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