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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Trading

We look at one of the most important components of building your dynasty roster: trading.

Jonathan Taylor

In our first installment of this series, we covered when and how to properly execute a rebuild. One of the most important skills required in rebuilding, or building any championship roster, is the ability to make trades.

Trading is an art form that very few have perfected, but it is something you can increasingly improve on with the right skills and mindset. In this article, I want to tackle the approach I take to not only complete individual trades but also to do so in a manner to build long-term business partners for future deals. After all, dynasty requires both a short and long-term view so completely destroying someone in an individual trade may have a short-term gain but it will also have long-term repercussions that could preclude you from the future championships we all desire.

So let’s dive right in on how to lay the groundwork for trading success and ultimately land on what will become the easiest part: actually making the offer.

Make sure you know your league-mates

I know, you are going to get sick of hearing this, but it is incredibly important in maximizing trade value. When you are looking to move a player, the goal is to get the best return possible, and finding the person in your league willing to pay that is the most important part of the trade process.

Every single league has a player who overvalues (or undervalues) future draft picks in their transactions. Looking back at previous year’s transactions, you will see second-round picks going for bye week fill-ins or a single first going for a superstar who had the audacity to turn 26 years old. Make a note of this somewhere because I can promise this will come in handy in future dealings.

The beauty of fantasy football is that everyone’s valuations vary greatly and the beauty of dynasty is that a league-mate's valuation may change based on the current state of their roster. The more you have your finger on the pulse of the league, the more likely you are to send over a trade offer that will seem like a win-win to both trade partners.

And this segues really nicely to our next important point when it comes to trading in dynasty...

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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Trading
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Dre Solano
1 year ago

Well done, Mike. Organized and simple, yet brilliant article. Bookmarking for future reference ✅

Matthew M
1 year ago

Thank you for this!!!! I have a couple owners in my league that do the “what do you want for this player” thing and it annoys me every time. They try to play it off as they don’t want to waste either of our time. I always respond with, “I need a solid offer to respond to.”

Reply to  Matthew M
1 year ago

Your solid might not be the same, I think it is worst when someone puts a player OTB and then will reject an offer without a counter. I am not going to waste my time with that BS. Just showing there are different ways to look at trades.

Matthew M
Reply to  TDFantasy79
1 year ago

Solid = a real offer. Basically if you want one of my players, show you want them and do the work to open up negotiations and give me something to reply to. Simply saying “What do you want for this player” is basically making me do the work for a player you want. (trade blocks is a complete different discussion)
Edit: and I also say “solid” because too often it’s something like “5th round pick for Russel Wilson” in a 2QB league with a follow up message of, “What would it take to get Wilson?”

Last edited 1 year ago by Matthew M
Reply to  Matthew M
1 year ago

A 5th for Wilson is ridiculous, but I am talking about players that are more controversial about what their value is.

Anthony Coleman
1 year ago

Nothing, I mean nothing makes me shutdown negotiations faster than a trade calculator screenshot.

Anthony Coleman
Reply to  Michael Faiella
1 year ago

Exactly. I have no problem with someone saying “I ran something through a calc to make sure I was in the ballpark, but if I reject a trade, showing me the screenshot isn’t going to make me magically change my mind.

Jordan Koehler
1 year ago

My biggest pet peeve is when an owner tells me why I should like the trade by explaining why my players in the deal are overrated/not that valuable/not going to produce. Like, I know you don’t believe that, or you wouldn’t be TRYING TO ACQUIRE THEM in the first place. Instant trade-talk killer for me.

Reply to  Jordan Koehler
1 year ago

I will definitely agree with this statement.

Chad Gorick
1 year ago

Excellent stuff Michael, well done and laid out. Great read!

Scott Webber
1 year ago

Sage advice! Thanks

Carter Wykoff
1 year ago

Damn. I am def guilty of the last one lmaooo

Great article!

Last edited 1 year ago by Carter Wykoff
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