Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post

Russ Fisher

On the many platforms I have to get my voice to the public, I can often be heard saying “do as I say, not as I do”. That is because I definitely operate in a way contrary to the “smart” way of playing dynasty fantasy football.

I purposely run/join many leagues that have a low buy-in so I don’t feel the pressure to scrutinize every move I make. This is a fancy way of saying that joining cheap leagues lets me make silly trades for the fun of it. The epitome of this ideology is the #OuthouseChallenge.

If your Twitter timeline hasn’t been buried by one of my challenges, the Outhouse Challenge is when I inform my league that if they send me a trade offer I will post the trade as a poll on Twitter. If the side they are offering me wins the Twitter poll, I will accept the trade.


The #OuthouseChallenge is very fun and very terrifying. If you want to do this yourself, I advise using some ground rules.

  • Limit the number of trades a team can send - either two trades total or two trades including the same players.
  • No variations on the same trade. E.g. my 23 second for player X then when that loses, My 23 second and third for player X.
  • Set the Twitter polls for four-six hours. Leaving them at 24 takes all the fun and spontaneity out of it.
  • Before the challenge, decide how you will award a winner if multiple teams go after the same player (first poll to finish or largest winning percentage).
  • Limit the number of leagues you do at once. In honor of #DynastyTradeMonth, I did all of my leagues at once. 19 leagues… at once…
  • Feel free to DM me @DynastyOuthouse if you want any more ideas or clarification.


Of the many, many, many, many trade offers I received during the challenge, there were two players it seemed most people were trying to steal: Tee Higgins and Jaylen Waddle. I already wrote an article on Higgins, so you guessed it, this article is about Waddle.

Jaylen Waddle, WR MIA


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post