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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Rebuilding

How should you go about executing a dynasty league roster rebuild?

Jonathan Taylor

The topic of rebuilding in dynasty is always a fascinating one. I feel as though we throw the term around when discussing any team that isn’t currently competing and has a few picks. Debates rage on about how long a rebuild should take or how to properly execute the move. Some give examples, with others just offering statements that have no actual advice or supporting data.

In this article, I want to tackle what exactly I believe it means to rebuild, tips on how to execute the move and milestones you should be looking at as a manager to measure the success or failure of a rebuild. This will be part of a series of dynasty strategies that I have compiled in my years of player dynasty and being moderately successful. As always, challenge anything and adapt any advice to fit your particular league or style. None of this is to suggest there is only one way to get to the finish line, this is simply how I execute the move and judge myself once complete.

Step 1: Do you need to rebuild?


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Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy: Rebuilding
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John Anello
6 months ago

Enjoyed the article, as it was quite analytical compared to similar ones I’ve read. One question, you mentioned look around and if another team has beaten you to the punch, rethink. What is the go forward strategy then? Thx!

John Anello
Reply to  Michael Faiella
6 months ago

Thanks, it absolutely does!

Geoff Farina
6 months ago

Great article and thank you. Had a totally win now roster last year and started off 1-6 so i kicked into a rebuild. Ive been able to secure 3 firsts in 22 (1.06, 1.07, 1.08) and 3 firsts and 2 2nds in 23 (very excited about this. I already have some young talent in J Herbert, Etienne and Akers (bought them on injury discounts) and Hockenson. So i think its going pretty well, we will see. One thing id add to the article is if you are rebuilding try to go after injury discount players.

Lamont Wright
6 months ago

Love this! It would help so many leagues if some owners knew when it was time to rebuild. Some just drive it into the ground, get upset looking at their teams, then quit. Start that rebuild while you can! Good article.

mark kruczek
6 months ago

Knowing your league mates and timing is so critical. Great article.

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