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The Ask DLF Weekly Rundown

We cover some relevant questions from this week’s show.

We do a weekly Ask DLF show every Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern on DLF’s YouTube Channel. Every week, we answer live dynasty questions and love doing it, especially with how interactive the live chat is. Of course, make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel so you can be a part of this experience in the future.

However, the chat has become so active that we rarely actually answer all the questions in full detail. Still, we don’t want to let the people down, especially those who tuned into the live show. Therefore, we decided to do this article series, where we will provide written answers to some of the lengthier questions or the ones where we had to cut the answer short.

Let’s jump into this week’s first question!

JahWebb1223 – What is the outlook on Antonio Gibson now?

I mainly wanted to address this question quickly, as everything has changed since we recorded the show. Since Tuesday night, J.D. McKissic changed his mind, and he decided to return to the Commanders on the same two-year, $7 million contract he accepted from Buffalo. So, unfortunately, Gibson will not get the passing-game work that it seemed he might get if McKissic left. This series of events demonstrates that dynasty is a fast-moving game.

Ryan Miozzi – Someone offered me Jalen Hurts, Najee Harris, and a 23 2nd for Kyler Murray in a 12 team Dynasty SF. I still feel like it’s low tbh.

Generally, I side with the stud quarterback in a superflex trade. Even with the recent trade rumors, I still consider Murray part of that stud group, and I rank him as the QB4 and fourth overall player in my superflex startup rankings. However, this trade represents an obscene overpay, according to the DLF Trade Analyzer.

Even after the package adjustment, the package side comes out well ahead of Murray. Of course, I don’t always agree with the trade analyzer, and I always caution against using it as the sole factor to evaluate a trade. But in this case, I can’t imagine paying a top-three dynasty running back, another top quarterback, and a second-round pick to acquire a top quarterback. I like quarterbacks in superflex leagues, but not this much.

Marcus Forsyth – How much does DJ Moore’s value change if Watson signs in Carolina?

It’s no secret Moore is one of my favorite players in fantasy football.

Chart courtesy of Pro Football Reference

As you can see, Moore has an excellent track record from 2019 to 2021, finishing with 1,150 or more yards each year. Additionally, he’s had that strong performance despite horrific quarterback play, ranging from Cam Newton to Sam Darnold to Teddy Bridgewater. Even better, Moore doesn’t even turn 25 years old until April, so he’s still a young player.

Right now, Darnold remains the Panthers’ starting quarterback, although I highly doubt he’s their guy to open the 2022 season. The Panthers missed out on Watson and instead signed Moore to a four-year extension. Moore is now the WR14 and 30th overall in DLF’s ADP and comes in at WR12 in DLF’s WR rankings. With Watson, we could have ranked Moore in the top ten, giving him a decent-sized value bump. Instead, we’re back to waiting for more competent quarterback play.

Bearded Native – What was your favorite FA signing?

Personally, I haven’t loved any of the free-agent signings from a dynasty perspective. But I wanted to reiterate what I said on the show about James Conner, who signed a three-year, $21 million contract with $13.5 million fully guaranteed. Conner is a cancer survivor who struggled through various injuries during his time on the Steelers. Even though I’m recommending selling Conner in dynasty leagues, I’m happy to see him get paid.

Rainard Blenman – 10 team 1QB .. I have the 1.03 .. if I need an RB is reaching for Rachaad White crazy? Or do I need to draft based on player value at this spot?

As I always say, draft for value and trade for need. I would not even consider White at the 1.03, as he isn’t even my RB3 in this class. The top three running backs are currently Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, and Isaiah Spiller, and that’s consistent across ADP and rankings. I currently rank White as my RB4 and 12th overall player in 1 QB formats, and he ranks as 13th overall in DLF’s latest rookie rankings. If you want White on your team, you need to acquire a pick far later in the rookie draft to avoid making a massive value reach.

Keith Grant Fishing – What’s your take on Gage going to Tampa, sleeper candidate?

I actually found this signing very interesting, as Gage received far more money than I expected. The Buccaneers paid him $30 million over three years with $20 million guaranteed, a sizable contract for the WR3 on their roster. However, Gage has improved over each year of his career so far.

Chart courtesy of Pro Football Reference

He recorded similar statistics in 2021 to 2020, but he had slightly better per-game averages in 2021. Additionally, despite Matt Ryan‘s poor play, he improved his catch rate and yards/target numbers significantly in 2021. Considering that Gage is only 26 years old, he may have some sneaky dynasty value on the Buccaneers. If Chris Godwin struggles to return quickly from his ACL tear, Gage could prove a bargain at his current WR68 ADP.

buy applepie – What would Trubisky’s pick value be in a 14 team SF league? late 1st?

I chose to include this question for two reasons. First, Trubisky recently signed with the Steelers in free agency to a two-year contract worth $14.25 million base and up to $27 million total in incentives. Right now, he’s their clear starting quarterback, ahead of Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins, and the Steelers only have the 20th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Therefore, they may not be able to acquire a solid rookie, especially in the very weak 2022 quarterback class.

I also always like to highlight that quarterbacks are worth far more in 14 and 16 team superflex leagues than 12 team formats. His trade analyzer and ADP value aren’t updated based on this signing, but he comes in between 2.06 and 2.07 in my value chart in a 12-team superflex league. Based on that value, I guess I’m okay with paying a late first-rounder in a 14-team superflex league, but it wouldn’t be my first choice if I’m a buyer. As a seller, I would accept the late first-rounder and move on from Trubisky.

The Ask DLF Weekly Rundown
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alberta howard
1 year ago

I really try to take in all of the information DLF puts out there but Tyler needs to just give us the meat and potatoes and stop with the drama queen nonsense. He’s good at what he does until something gets his panties in a bunch and it affects his material.

Andy Cook
Reply to  alberta howard
1 year ago

Can you give an example or 2? Just curious what is getting your panties in a bunch…

alberta howard
Reply to  Andy Cook
1 year ago

Sure. Openly complaining about not answering anymore questions on Twitter for free makes for an uncomfortable way to start a show. The Calvin and Hobbes guy he does the YouTube show with was like WTF??
Nobody cares about such trivial stuff, it’s weird, and it just doesn’t need to be aired publicly.

alberta howard
Reply to  alberta howard
1 year ago

Wow. A thumbs down without even reading my answer. Let’s not rush to judgment “Andy Cook.”

Last edited 1 year ago by alberta howard
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