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2022 NFL Combine Blog – Final Thoughts

We keep you up to date with the news and information you need to know as the 2022 NFL Combine gets underway

It's good to be back - The 2022 NFL Combine has arrived!

We'll have boots on the ground in Indy this week to cover the Combine once again, as we did in 2020. As we all remember, 2021 was scrapped due to Covid and we're only now returning to some level of normalcy. Between the information we get from our individuals in Indy and those covering the official news, measurements and more, we'll keep you up to date with everything you need to know this week.  As with previous years, I'll keep everything right here on this blog with new updates appearing at the top with older updates below.

Things really get moving on Thursday as the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends take the field. On Friday, running backs are in the spotlight. For you IDP players, Saturday and Sunday will wrap up the activities with defensive linemen, linebackers and, finally, defensive backs.

And, as you'd fully expect, I certainly have thoughts. So, let's kick this off!

March 5 - Saturday, 9:00 AM - Wrap Up

That basically wraps up the Combine blog. IDP players may still have interest in those players going today but I have yet to find a correlation between Combine performance and NFL impact. So much of the IDP game is about fit and scheme and everything you need to know about the IDPs is available on tape.  I have put time into trying to find an edge based on Combine times/performance, but it's just not there. Furthermore, with the different schemes and rotations in place, even higher rated players going to a lesser scheme can be problematic. It's for this reason I tend to allow others to draft IDP in rookie drafts ahead of me. I'll rarely take a rookie in the first three rounds of a rookie draft. The last time I made an exception was the Aaron Curry and he burned me.


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2022 NFL Combine Blog – Final Thoughts
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4 months ago

Nice work Jeff. Keep it coming.

4 months ago

Didn’t Olave measure 6’0 3/8”?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
4 months ago

Haha, all good! Would’ve been a major growth spurt, that’s for sure.

michael bellace
4 months ago

Once again my DLF family never disappoints!! Great work Jeff, keep it up! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! There is No Off Season in Dynasty!!

Wendell Bera
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
4 months ago

FYI – You have Spiller listed with both a 30″ and 40″ vert. I believe you meant Hall as the one with the 40.

4 months ago

Was Spiller expected to skip the 40?

Scott deVilleneuve
4 months ago

Have heard for a while now that this class isn’t a very strong one, with most of that being based on college production (or lack thereof). With the fairly impressive combine performances I wonder if this class may end up proving to be better than expected. I know that in the real world we are still figuring out ways in which the pandemic has or is affecting lives. I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to think that the disruptions in practices, altered game schedules, sporadic testing requirements of the past couple years could have hampered on field production more than we can anticipate. I can’t help but wonder if minus those factors some of these players with pretty impressive combine numbers might not have had more impressive career numbers to go along with them.

Andy Cook
4 months ago

Just curious, you liked G Wilson frame at 5’11-3/4 and 183, but Olave not as much (calling him wiry?) at 6-3/8 and 187? It sounded that way, wasn’t sure if you meant that or I misinterpreted. Perhaps in person the body types are different even though metrics seem very similar of their size/weight? Thx! Good stuff!

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