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Rookie Report Card: Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne

We cover a pair of Jacksonville first-rounders in this week’s edition.

Trevor Lawrence

We cover a pair of Jacksonville first-rounders in this week's edition.


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Rookie Report Card: Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne
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Gabe Pattison
7 months ago

Your assessment of ETN is extremely misleading. I take issue with a number of points within that study and it being used to make conclusions about ETN. First and foremost, this is not a recent study. At 5 years old and with data ranging as far back as 11-21 years old, there may be better metrics and certainly better treatments out there than were used at the time of this study. That’s probably more a point in ETN’s favor but as I’ll elaborate, there are bigger questions here.

There actually was a notable difference in production with the post lisfranc injury players vs the non injured players. Just because it did not reach levels that are considered by the scientific community would consider “significant” (2 standard deviations), does not mean that the differences are insignificant for our purposes (it was roughly one standard deviation from the control result). They do show a decrease in production in injured vs non-injured players.

Additionally, the study states the that they used the median result to test for significance, not the mean result. That means that the average post injury result might have actually been much worse than is being represented. Then when you factor in the fact that they show the range of outcomes as being much broader for the injured players vs non-injured players (including at least one freak outlier in the injured category who outdid everyone in both groups), you are left with a study that is questionable at best and outright misleading at worst. And in either case, we shouldn’t draw real conclusions from the study without seeing the data (which is not readily available on your link)

Finally, and most damning, this study only specifies lisfranc injury. It does NOT specify injury requiring surgery. That is a huge qualification. I can only think of two players off the top of my head who have had surgery and returned to productive play, Hollywood Brown and Elijah Mitchell (surgery twice in college). There is an article on the same subject published two years later on that same site suggesting as I have, that the outcomes are not as positive as previously suggested and that more research is required. I think the image you are painting of ETN is far rosier than it should be. I’m hopeful he can return to play at the level we saw in college but that study you quoted does very little for me in terms of predicting that outcome.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gabe Pattison
Todd Gurley
Reply to  Gabe Pattison
7 months ago

Well done

alberta howard
Reply to  Gabe Pattison
7 months ago

Lighten up, Francis. It’s just an analyst offering up his two cents.

Gabe Pattison
Reply to  alberta howard
7 months ago

He’s an analyst providing his expertise. I disagree with his conclusion and gave a thorough and thought out response. Disagreement and discussion is one of the most important parts of this community. Perhaps you’re the one who needs to lighten up.

kurt howard
Reply to  Gabe Pattison
7 months ago

Must disagree Gabriel. You’re writing a War and Peace type response in regards to a player we know nothing about until he hits the ground running in training camp next year.
All you did was offer up a different opinion. I’m guessing you’re one of those people that figures he must be right if he types a lot of words. Reading your reply was much like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.
So I must agree with Alberta. Lighten up, tool. We will get the answers we want from Etiënne next season. Way too early to speculate now.

Gabe Pattison
Reply to  kurt howard
7 months ago

And you seem like the type of person who simply waits for their turn to speak in a conversation without actually taking note of what was said. But that’s alright, if you want to choose to ignore information because you don’t like the delivery of it then you do you.

Todd Gurley
7 months ago

I hope Trevor can turn it around! I took him at 2.03 in a single QB 12 team league to take over for Aaron Rodgers. I hope he pans out!

David Edwards
7 months ago

At Clemson most teams put a player in the box to slow down Lawrence from running. That left mediocre DB’s covering superior RB’s. Worked in college until he ran into LSU, Ohio State, and Alabama corners who covered him with 4 DB’s- Safeties. At the NFL they are even better so we’ve seen balls in the dirt or over the head of receivers. Right now Lawrence struggles with what is”NFL Open”. Sometimes it can be taught other times not. Time will tell.

ken conlogue
7 months ago

You’re a BuzzKill, Doc.

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