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Amy Garcia

Week one is here!

As I round up the recent episodes from the DLF Family of Podcasts, I’m still recovering from the emotional roller coaster of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday. As a big fan of Dak Prescott, I was beyond thrilled to see how great he looked. Unfortunately, he was up against the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady.

At least there was a ton of scoring to go around our fantasy football teams — here’s to hoping you weren’t up against Rob Gronkowski in a TE Premium league!

Destination Devy

Listen Here: Week 1 College Football Observations & Takeaways

Listen Here: A Kid from Stockton California

Listen Here: 2021 Top-5 Rookie QBs, RBs, WRs

Listen Here: Trends Over Stats

Destination Devy continues to bring you great content with four new episodes this week. In the first one, Ray Garvin and Ben Eby share college football observations from week one. They take a look at the top QB prospects for the 2022 class, which running backs impressed, and how worried we should be about Clemson and DJU.

In the second episode, Ray and Jordan Richards talk to former NFL defensive back Eric Crocker. Crocker shares about how a kid from Stockton, California made his way to the NFL and now to creating content. It wasn’t an easy path but his adversity made him the man he is today.

In the third episode, Ray discusses his top-five rookie scores for the 2021 fantasy season. Listen in to hear him discuss NFL players such as Trey Lance, Mac Jones, Kyle Pitts, and Elijah Moore.

In the fourth episode of the week, Ben Eby examines devy snap counts from freshmen who have been often discussed in college football circles. The stats don’t always tell the story and the sooner you are ahead with the trends, the better your teams will be. Some standouts discussed include Oklahoma WR Mario Williams, Clemson RB Will Shipley, Texas WR Xavier Worthy, and Georgia TE Brock Bowers!

DLF Podcast

Listen Here: 2021 Prediction Episode

Dan, Ryan and Matt look into the crystal ball to predict who and what teams will dominate the 2021 NFL season. Where do they choose to “plant your flag”? Which players do they think will be fantasy football busts this year?

Which NFL teams do they think will make the playoffs and is there a consensus pick from the crew for the Super Bowl Champions? Tune in to find out!

Dynasty Builders

Listen Here: What to Watch for in Week 1

On this week’s show, Dynasty Builders chat about the top players, teams, backfields, and storylines that they’re paying attention to most in week one. Dynasty managers shouldn’t read too much into what happens on the football field this weekend, but there could be some helpful clues that hint toward future value shifts.

These hints include things like RB usage on passing downs, new offensive schemes, WR roles, and more. Listen in as Dynasty Builders break down what could give dynasty managers the biggest edge once the season kicks off.

Dynasty Crossroads

Listen Here: Top 12 Regression?

Peter Howard runs through the average hit rate of ADP and where fantasy football managers got “lucky” and where they got “unlucky” in 2020. Based on this analysis, Peter shares which players he’s most confident in for 2021 who are currently ranked in the top 12 at running back and wide receiver.

Read and React IDP

Listen Here: 2021 Hot Takes

Tom Kislingbury and Adam Tzikas are joined by Mike Woellert for the Fourth Annual Hot Takes show. Like children, you’re not supposed to have favorite podcast episodes. But, let’s be honest, this is the favorite.

The three of them give a hot take or two for every team with a goal of 25% accuracy. There’s some foolishness in there – but also some serious discussion and information. Check out this episode for some fun and some useful knowledge.

Trade Addicts

Listen Here: Fine … We Will Have Bosch On

Starting Trade Addicts 10 was John Bosch’s idea so Dynasty Outhouse and Rocky reluctantly gave in and agreed to have him on as a guest. John joins in to talk about the awesomely interesting draft that is TA10. The league is drafting right now but the actual play itself doesn’t start until 2022. They go over expectations, strategies, and their feelings on how the draft is unfolding.

Of course, there’s also plenty of discussion about Trade Addict trades and listener questions. After it was over, Dynasty Outhouse and Rocky begrudgingly admitted having John on did make for a great show.

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DLF Family of Podcasts: ICYMI