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DLF Family of Podcasts: ICYMI

Amy Garcia rounds up the latest podcast episodes from around DLF as we approach the start of the NFL season.

Tee Higgins

You’d think after watching a ton of college football over the long weekend, I’d be more patient with the start of the NFL season but nope. I’m ready for some football — NFL football, that is.

While I wait, I’ve been catching up on all of the great podcasts here at DLF. The podcasts have something for every mood this week. Take a deep dive into college football focused on the Oklahoma Sooners or do a 2020 rookie draft review. Exercise your brain and dig into handcuffing or have some high-brow fun. And of course, there’s the favorite this time of year — bold predictions!

Here’s my bold prediction: you’ll find a podcast you like at DLF!

Destination Devy


Listen Here: The King is Back

Destination Devy brought you not one but two great episodes this week. In the first one, Ben Eby dives into the playmakers from three straight Boomer Sooner classes as Oklahoma starts to expand their recruiting reach in a big way. Find out why Ben isn’t concerned that Oklahoma is no longer atop wide receiver Luther Burden’s list anymore.

Learn more about his favorite 2023 quarterback Malachi Nelson as well as a current true freshman and ultra competitor, QB Caleb Williams! Why can both of them be better than Spencer Rattler? Also be sure to have a pen and paper ready to jot down all of the RBs, WRs, and TEs to watch at Oklahoma this year and beyond!

In the second episode of the week, host of the Destination Devy Podcast – Ray Garvin – and host of The Real Life Podcast – Jordan Richards – team up and branch outside of fantasy football, for a brand new show under the Destination Devy umbrella. The BLK Box Show will cover topics in sports, culture, and life. In this episode, we bring on the first guest ever, Jesse Reeves, to talk about why he left the fantasy space, what he’s doing now, content creation, and Ja’Marr Chase versus DeVonta Smith!

DLF Podcast

Listen Here: 2020 Rookie Draft Review

Dan, Ryan, and Matt review the 2020 rookie class with a three-round mock draft. Where do the quarterbacks land? Is there a change at the 1.01? Does everyone agree on the WR1? If you’ve forgotten how incredible this class was, stay tuned to hear exactly how deep the talent lasts and when the depth falls off a cliff.

Dynasty Builders

Listen Here: Bold Predictions

This week’s episode kicks off with a huge announcement that we couldn’t be more excited to share with our listeners! Then we spent some time reviewing listener bold predictions before diving into our own bold predictions about the 2021 season. We had a blast turning up the heat and staking our claim to some steamy takes before the season starts!

Just how high are we on players like Javonte Williams, Tee Higgins, and Kyle Pitts this season? Who are we predicting might be a huge disappointment for fantasy managers this season? And who is our Super Bowl pick from each conference? Dynasty Builders dive into all that and much more on this week’s show.

Dynasty Crossroads

Listen Here: To Handcuff, But Who?

Peter Howard talks about handcuffs and breaks down the game theory behind why you should draft other people’s handcuffs instead of your own. He also points out that it’s not a huge edge (or even a big deal) if you don’t want to handcuff.

To take the conversation in a more interesting direction, he explains why later-round running backs are team-dependent. Listen and learn why different teams should place more or less value on players with different levels of upside.

Trade Addicts

Listen Here: Rocky, Explosive Output, and an Outhouse

This week, Trade Addicts has Dynasty Outhouse and Rocky are joined by the brilliant and talented Mat Harrison on a show filled with very high brow humor. Lots to talk about as we get soooo close to the start of the season so check it out!

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DLF Family of Podcasts: ICYMI
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