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2021 Summer Sleeper: Minnesota Vikings

Which of Minnesota’s offensive weapons could be a surprise contributor in 2021 and beyond?

Which of Minnesota's offensive weapons could be a surprise contributor in 2021 and beyond?


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2021 Summer Sleeper: Minnesota Vikings
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John Anello
17 days ago

Thanks for the great content on the site and enjoyable video segments….Just took him at 19.02 yesterday in a 3 WR startup. Very happy he was still there. Does have an open path to targets in year 1, though looking forward to WR 2 ascension in a year or 2, if not earlier.

17 days ago

Thanks Tyler! Just to add to what you were saying about risk vs. reward, he is currently a 6th round Rookie ADP on MFL and while Tylan Wallace and Dez Fitzpatrick are in this range too, there is little else. Smith-Marsette is a slam dunk at that price for sure with Wallace and Fitzpatrick in much more difficult situations. I believe he may need to add some weight but he has home run potential with the ball. Thanks again Tyler!

Last edited 17 days ago by 6gummybearsandsomescotch
17 days ago

This article seems to conflict a great deal with an article written by Jeff Mueller in May (https://dynastyleaguefootball.com/?p=1423999). I do not doubt the physical prowess of Nwangwu, but his selection in the draft appears to be tailored towards special teams play. In 2020, average punt return yards for the Vikings was dead last (4.3 yards).  

Reply to  Tyler Justin Karp
17 days ago

Since I subscribe to the site for advice and not an author, which author am I supposed to listen too? I pay for a site so I don’t have to read through a lot of articles, by different authors, on different sites and then synthesize the information to figure out what is best. I pay for a site to give me speed; I hope you understand.

Andy Cook
Reply to  billjenn98
16 days ago

Seems like a unicorn request… just pay the neighbor kid to manage your fantasy teams then?

Reply to  billjenn98
16 days ago

Bill, if I can chime in here as well, as CTO and part owner of DLF I can tell you our objective here is to make you a smarter, better, more informed owner. This is best achieved by helping you to understand all sides of an issue or player. Pros, cons, possible upside, possible downside. And yes, different writers will have different perspectives, and we encourage that here. We do not want enforced groupthink.
If you are looking for a straightforward list of player value comparisons, I would encourage you to reference our dynasty rankings as a straightforward tool for understanding player value. Yet even there you will see that not all of the rankers agree on each players value (which is why you can use the aggregate/averaged value). Nor do the rankings agree with ADP value, derived from numerous mock drafts where each player is drafted differently.
There is no silver bullet in this game. Time and experience has shown that the best way to winning your league is by leveraging the best information and advice available (here at DLF, imo), and using that to inform your intuition and judgement.
And again, if all you are needing is a quick-hitting understanding of player value, our dynasty rankings and ADP are the way to go.
I hope that helps, thanks so much for being a part of this community and sharing your thoughts here!

Last edited 16 days ago by Ken Moody
Reply to  Ken Moody
16 days ago

Ken, thank you very much for your time and perspective. I’m an executive, which entails working 7 days a week (the majority of the time). Some days I start as early as 3 AM and finding time to be with my family can be a challenge. Therefore, my time to read articles on the site is limited. While I don’t expect every writer to use the same statistical methods or draw the same conclusions, it seemed odd to read a polarizing view on the site. I expect my team to have differing views from my own, but generally speaking we directionally align. My feedback was not intended to be offensive; it was intended to be feedback.

Reply to  billjenn98
15 days ago

Bill I absolutely did not take offense to your comment and in fact do truly appreciate you taking the time to share it. I understand the challenges of balancing competing time commitments and still trying to effectively manage one or more dynasty leagues. And DLF is here to help you achieve that, whether you want a quick and efficient resource, such our rankings, ADP or Trade Analyzer. Or if you prefer to dig into analysis with our articles, draft guides and more. We try our best to cover all of the bases and give you whatever resources will best fit your needs to help you win. Thanks so much for being here and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Robbie Massie
Reply to  billjenn98
13 days ago

Read the first paragraph of this article. We are talking about a 6th round rookie pick. Enjoy the content and don’t get too worked up about a guy who has a 0.1% chance of making a difference. It’s nice to have different opinions.
First paragraph:
Because we aren’t going to give you mainstream sleepers, most of these players will undoubtedly fizzle. All we are asking is for you to keep an open mind and perhaps be willing to make room for one of these players on your bench. 

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