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Dynasty Danger: Mike Evans

How do you value Mike Evans in your dynasty leagues? Is it time to sell?

Mike Evans

How do you value Mike Evans in your dynasty leagues? Is it time to sell?


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Dynasty Danger: Mike Evans
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Ger O'Callaghan
2 months ago

I see all your logic Tyler and say “Boo” to you!
I may hedge my shares by selling one of the two I own.

2 months ago

Too many mouths to feed this year but any chance his long term value looks semi bright with brown most likely gone and Godwin only on the franchise tag? Could be a buy low target hog once again going into 2022

Michael Torriero
2 months ago

I Have Zero shares in any of TB offensive players(Skilled Position)
Brady is my Backup QB behind Dak(1QB League)

sean ouellette
2 months ago

Great write up. Minor note though, you acknowledge that he’s had 1000 yds in each of his seasons but your chart shows 989 receiving yds for 2020?

Reply to  sean ouellette
2 months ago

Good spot, Sean. I’m looking into it as I believe he had 1,006 yards last year and our table obviously doesn’t reflect that – so not Tyler’s fault there! But yes, over 1,000 yards every season is correct.

Adrian Janson
2 months ago

Instead of focussing on “I must sell”…. I’m in the buy ‘cheap’ camp. Is it such a crime if a player ‘gets old’ on your roster? I’d rather keep Evans and if his floor is WR3, well – I’ll take that! Is getting a 2nd round pick ‘a win’? I don’t agree,

Andy Cook
Reply to  Adrian Janson
2 months ago

I think the point is to sell at his current value, as pointed out it’s around 1.05, and I’d take that all day. Nothing wrong with holding him if you prefer the WR2/3 production. I think Godwin gets signed and Evans leaves at some point soon, but that likely requires a trade so it’s a question mark.

2 months ago

We’re having this argument on our league text group now. The Evans owner wants to sell and is pissed nobody wants him at an asking price if a mid-1st round pick. Sometimes the market and value just don’t line up. At 28, the histograms show us that the decline is imminent; given the Bucs situation, you’re paying for one year of a very good receiver with some gaps in his game. Anything beyond that is gravy, and I think that’s what’s creating the disparity in values between owners and trade suitors. Owners want to believe in two or three years of elite productions with a gradual decline, when that’s just not the most likely outcome.

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