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20/20 Interview with Jordan Rossler

This week, the co-host of the @dbfootball pod (a part of the DLF Family of Podcasts), Jordan Rossler, sat down with us so you could get to know him a bit more. Enjoy!


Where are you from? Grew up in Newton, IA. Now I live in St. Paul, MN.

What do you do for your regular job? Director of Analytics for a TV Marketing Agency. I basically measure the effectiveness of TV commercials.

What is the worst job you have ever had? I worked in a vineyard for a local winery in high school. Some of the days got very long, hot, and monotonous doing the same thing vine after vine after vine after vine after…

What is the best job you have ever had? Honestly my current job. Love the people I work with, and solving problems using data is a huge passion of mine.

What do you consider your dream job? I’m sure we’re all on the same page here that it’d be being the GM of an NFL franchise. Would love to be the guy calling the shots in terms of personnel moves and team direction.

How long have you been in the industry? We started our podcast back in January of 2020 and have been making weekly shows ever since!

How did you get your break into fantasy football? We started our show and just started distributing it to whoever would listen. Then Ken Kelly and Ryan McDowell reached out and said they loved our work and wanted to have us be part of the DLF Family of Podcasts. That was huge for our momentum and we’ve been growing ever since!

What tool do you use the most on DLF? It’s hard to pick just one… I’m always eager to dive into the latest ADP data, for both startups and rookies. In terms of the actual “Tools”, I really like the Air Yards tool as a way to spot potential breakouts or spike weeks among WR/TE.

What tool do you use the most outside of DLF? I think the biggest “tool” is listening to other podcasts, for a couple of reasons. First, it helps me get ideas for how I can be better as a podcast host. But second, it helps me think about players/strategies differently and broaden my perspective and toolkit when it comes to analysis. I’m more film-based in my rookie evals, so hearing from the analytics crew helps me feel more educated and informed when discussing an incoming class.

Who was the best sleeper you pegged that broke out? I was very high on Kareem Hunt’s film when he came out and was taking him wherever I could in rookie drafts. Obviously, the off-field stuff derailed his starting job with KC, but the talent and production are extremely obvious whenever he gets the volume.

Who was your biggest whiff? Corey Davis hasn’t been a complete bust, but I was (unfortunately) part of the crowd that was taking him as the 1.01 over the stud RBs of the 2017 rookie class. I also got weirdly into Chris Hogan back in 2018 when he was allegedly locked in for tons of volume and had shown flashes of production on limited work.

What is the worst trade you have made? Mere weeks before CMC shot up everyone’s ranks in 2017, I gave him and a future 2nd round rookie pick for Jordy Nelson and Brandin Cooks ☹

Who is your favorite underfollowed Twitter account? @amazehayes should have way more followers than he does!

Who is your favorite NFL team? Vikings #SKOL

Who is your favorite college football team? I follow NCAAF way less than the NFL, but my team is the Hawkeyes.

Who was your favorite player growing up? Randy Moss

Who is your favorite player of all time? Randy Moss 😊

What other hobbies or passions do you have outside of fantasy football? Golf and slow-pitch softball

What are some of your favorite movies? Forrest Gump, Good Will Hunting, Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans

Who are some of your favorite bands? Not super into music, but I can’t get enough of We The Kingdom right now. Also, a big fan of Boston and Foo Fighters when I’m feeling some Rock ‘n Roll vibes.

20/20 Interview with Jordan Rossler
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