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The Anatomy of a Dynasty Blunder: Joshua Kelley

Tyler Justin Karp shares his experience of believing in Joshua Kelley, what went wrong and the lessons he learned.

Joshua Kelley

Tyler Justin Karp shares his experience of believing in Joshua Kelley, what went wrong and the lessons he learned.


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The Anatomy of a Dynasty Blunder: Joshua Kelley
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Gabe Pattison
16 days ago

Nice article but I do take umbrage with your comment near the end about how you could go back to other classes and show that late round is a barren place for RBs. That’s simply not the case. 2018 has 4 relevant RBs, 2017 has 3 who remain relevant with 2 more on the fringe. 2016 was rough but both Jordan Howard and Alex Collins were relevant at one time. 2015 similarly hard but had Ajayi and Mike Davis, both have had their moment. 2014 had a future RB1 overall in Freeman. Seems to me that 2020 is more of the outlier year in terms of late round RB and that 2019 is more typical with 2 guys being worthwhile. Late round backs shouldn’t be written off but as you say, certainly don’t overpay for them. And you look for them in year 2, not in the draft year 1 because of these relevant players, only Jordan Howard brought the fire in year 1 (and of course we know how that ended).

Reply to  Gabe Pattison
15 days ago

Care to name the players you reference above? Take umbrage all you want, late round RB’s are outliers, end of discussion. Outside the top 100, don’t bother. Mind as well close your eyes and throw a dart at the wall.

Gabe Pattison
Reply to  dcragel
15 days ago

2018: Nyheim Hines, Chase Edmonds (not a believer but he has value because others do), Boston Scott, Justin Jackson
2017: Tarik Cohen, Wayne Gallman, Marlon Mack, Aaron Jones, Chris Carson
2016: Jordan Howard, Alex Collins
2015: Mike Davis, Jay Ajayi
2014: Devonta Freeman
All of these guys had value at one point and while they are outliers, the outliers exist every year. There is value to be had with the late round guys just in the ensuing offseason with camps, there is an opportunity for much more. I agree that you should not over pay for them but you make it sound as if there is nothing there.

Andy Cook
Reply to  Gabe Pattison
15 days ago

Man I’m not sure you can really put Scott, Jackson, Gallman, or Davis in the mix. If you paid a 3rd/4th when drafting them then you didn’t “gain” any value by selling them at their peak (unless you got super lucky and someone overpaid you, which I see as unlikely). I say no to Davis BC no one would’ve drafted him and held for 3-5yrs, so any owner of his likely added him via FA pickup. I agree very rare to hit on late round RBs but I will continue to give RBs their fair share of dart throws BC I don’t see too many WRs get drafted in dynasty rookie drafts round 4 that do well. Round 3 not bad for WRs tho.

Samuel Judd
Reply to  Andy Cook
15 days ago

so you pick out 4 guys out of a list of 12 that he mentions. I may not fully agree with either sentiment but cherry picking his list in his response doesn’t negate the fact that Mr. Pattison has a point. That is unless you care to stand on a pedestal and say DFree, Aaron Jones and Chris Carson should have been overlooked because of draft capital.

15 days ago

There is a reason there is a new coaching staff in LA. Don’t lose hope yet on Kelley. He is a strong runner. I took him as well with many of the same conclusions, but I think he has a chance with the new staff

Last edited 15 days ago by sel4db
Aaron Taylor
15 days ago

Why you gotta cut me TJK? A few weeks back I traded a 2023 3rd for Kelley and Vaughn and now you drag both of their names in the mud. I made the trade before Fournette and Gio signed with TB so I thought sacrificing a pick two years in the future for two young RB’s was worth the shot. I agree 100% that the process to draft RB’s taken on day 3 or later is a mistake. The Kelley and Vaughn articles are great reads and lessons to take forward into future rookie drafts. My takeaway is to draft higher draft capital WR’s over these RB’s as they usually provide much more value.

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