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Kyle Pitts: A Rookie Draft Pittfall?

Has the Kyle Pitts hype gone too far? Addison Hayes provides an alternative view of the top tight end.

Kyle Pitts

Has the Kyle Pitts hype gone too far? Addison Hayes provides an alternative view of the top tight end.


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Kyle Pitts: A Rookie Draft Pittfall?
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Jason Schmidt
27 days ago

I’ve got the 1.03 in a rookie draft (1QB) from a trade and stacked at both rb and wr (Barkley, Zeke, Dobbins, CEH, AJ Brown, Justin Jefferson, Lamb, plus others). I also have Waller. Always thought 2 rbs would go first 2 so it’s Javonte or best wr. I guess it all comes to landing spot but what I’ve really wanted to say is you won’t be able to buy him next year for a mid to late first in an expected weak draft. Unless the person is an idiot to bail out so early after drafting so high. I’m leaning Pitts… Really liked the article, made me think about some different things. Yes, Vernon Davis no doubt best prospect ever.

Paul Reuben
Reply to  Jason Schmidt
26 days ago

Agreed. And even if Pitts DOES have a mediocre first year, I imagine few would be willing to so quickly let him go cheaply next year.

Hockenson hasn’t lit it up yet and I imagine less than half of the fantasy community would let HIM go for a mid-1st even in this strong 2021 rookie draft.

Leonard Young
26 days ago

“I am not a film analyst.” That’s all I need to know to ignore this article.

Ashley Moser
Reply to  Leonard Young
26 days ago

Wow you can disagree with his professional analysis but no need to be so visceral. This isn’t Reddit or Twitter.

What I do gather from your response is that Addison is indeed right about one thing. Pitts is a hot topic issue.

Adam P
Reply to  Ashley Moser
26 days ago

Great article. I hold 1.05 in a 1QB. I have been watching Pitts closely as it seems like he’s shaping up to be the 1.05 pick. I have Hockenson and don’t really want to add a TE to my roster but I will tend to go with the best player logic when the time comes. You’ve given me a lot to consider. Thanks

Eric Laurent
Reply to  Leonard Young
26 days ago

Cool, so you ignore all analytics, pattern recognition, or anything other than film analysis? I wanna be in your dynasty league!

Henry Dematteis
26 days ago

You can get Etienne, Bateman or JWill in next years draft, those guys are available every year. Pitts is not…..

Andy Cook
Reply to  Henry Dematteis
26 days ago

It’s all interesting stuff. However, who is the last super athletic and supposedly generational Thailand prospect that actually hand out as a consistent elite tight and producer? His point is that we’ve seen this before and the odds are extremely slim. Maybe on the flipside, they yards when you draft a running back or wide receiver The odds dramatically increase…?

Andy Cook
Reply to  Andy Cook
26 days ago

Talk to text… Tight end, not Thailand! LOL

Andy Cook
Reply to  Andy Cook
26 days ago

Wow, just ignore me. Talk to text butchered just about all of that…

Charles Day
26 days ago

I’ve been thinking this for a while. I have two more names, Eric Ebron and Vernon Davis. They had productive seasons during their careers, but they weren’t first or even second year studs. OTOH, if you took him, what could you get from a Pitts believer in a trade?

Charles Day
26 days ago


Travis Kelce, 2013, round 3
Mark Andrews, 2018, round 3
Darren Waller, 2015, round 6
George Kittle, 2017, round 5

Because they’re used so differently in college and the pros, I think TE is about the hardest position to project in the draft. I’d love to see someone take Pitts and move him to WR, similar to what Pittsburgh did with Chase Claypool. I think with no in-line blocking responsibilities and not having to fight through the wash of DEs and LBs to get a good release, Pitts could be a dominant WR.

Larry Gunn
Reply to  Charles Day
26 days ago

I guess for me… I see him as a Tight End in name only, which is the best thing a TE can be. He has top end Receiver skills in my opinion, with that frame.
I understand the case being made against him here, its done well…but he’s not that kind of TE

mark kruczek
25 days ago

I like the article a lot and I agree landing spot will have be important to his production especially in year 1. I will be looking at that when deciding to take him in my superflex drafts. My only comment is I have gotten in trouble in the past when I’ve taken the landing spot over the player. Royce Freeman went ahead of Nick Chubb in a lot of drafts because Chubb was behind Hyde day 1. In dynasty take the player you think has the talent and using Chubb as an example, if they have the talent, then the talent will win out at the end of the day.

Baltimore took Hayden Hurst in the 1st and Andrews in the 3rd. Andrews won job, talent wins you just need to decide if Pitts is truly this great TE. If he is, then he’ll produce.

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