Monkey Knife Fight: Last Chance Sale

Ken Kelly

The DLF Team has really enjoyed their partnership with the fastest growing daily fantasy sports site on the planet, Monkey Knife Fight (MKF). However, our partnership will EXPIRE on Super Bowl Sunday and you will NOT want to be one of the few who have missed out. 
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Open a new account with a minimum $10 deposit to MKF and you will receive a FREE ANNUAL DLF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! This offer is also good to extend your current DLF annual membership by one year. Seriously, $10.

In addition to the free annual membership at DLF, Monkey Knife Fight will match your initial deposit amount up to a maximum of $50. If you deposit $10, MKF will credit your account with an additional $10, giving you get a total of $20 you can play on games at MKF. Deposit $20, you get $40. Up to a maximum match of $50, which would provide you with $100 to play in a ton of different contests. That’s an awesome deal – who doesn’t want free money?

Monkey Knife Fight offers the ability to play a wide variety of fantasy contests. In addition to the usual games for football, baseball, basketball and hockey, you can also play contests in golf, most hockey leagues, UFC, e-sports, and more. Read about all of the games and scoring here. Even in these uncertain times, you’ll find plenty of entertaining contest options!

Please note, there are a few considerations and limitations;

– You must open a new account at MKF. Existing MKF accounts are not eligible.
– You must deposit at least $10 into a new MKF account. More is good, though. Your first deposit is matched up to $50. Nice!
– You must play at least at least $2 of your own deposited funds. This means if MKF matches your $10 deposit, those match funds are used first. Once those free bonus match funds are expended, your deposited funds are used. So if you make a $10 deposit, you’ll need to play at least $12 on various games. if you deposit $20, you’ll need to play at least $42. And so on.
– MKF is not available in every state, and is not yet available outside the United States and Canada, but new states are being added all the time. You can check to see if you reside in an eligible state by reading the FAQ’s on Monkey Knife Fight.

OK, enough of the legal stuff. If you are eligible and ready to play, taking advantage of this awesome offer is really easy.


  • 1. Create a new Monkey Knife Fight account.
  • 2. Deposit $10 or more on Monkey Knife Fight (for first time users only).
  • 3. Start playing those funds on a wide variety of crazy fun contests!
  • 4. DLF will be notified by MKF within 36 hours and we will contact you to confirm your free DLF Premium Membership.
  • 5. Remember, in addition to the FREE DLF Membership, you’ll also see your initial deposit amount matched at MKF, up to $50!


Get to know MKF

Q: What is the history of Monkey Knife Fight?

A: Monkey Knife Fight was launched by Bill Asher and Nic Sulsky just before the 2018 NFL season kicked
off. However, the idea itself was conceived a couple of years before that, like most good ideas are, over
a skype chat and a couple of bottles of tequila. Their goal for MKF was to create something that is simple
and fun to play for all types of sports fan.

Q: How is Monkey Knife Fight different from traditional DFS sites and games?

A: Monkey Knife Fight provides Daily Fantasy Sports games with no salary caps. Users can play single
games where if they correctly predict the outcome, they are guaranteed to win. There are no sharks, no
professionals that can prevent you from claiming your prize. At MKF, you will not get out-algorithm’d by
the top 1% who dominate at other fantasy sites.

Q: How many different sporting events are available to be played?

A: Throughout the year they run several different games for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Golf,
Soccer, MMA, NASCAR, and e-Sports – but we’re adding new sports and leagues all the time.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for potential players to be aware of?

A: You must be 18+ years of age and there are also some State Restrictions in order to play the games, though many new States have been added. For the full T&C please visit:

Q: DLF is excited to partner with Monkey Knife Fight for the first time, is there anything you’d like the
DLF community to know?

A: At MKF we are all about community and long-term partnerships. We’re really excited to partner with
Dynasty League Football for the upcoming NFL season and beyond. We were created by DFS fans and
players for DFS players, so we hope you enjoy playing our unique prop games and hopefully win a little
cash along the way.

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Monkey Knife Fight: Last Chance Sale