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The Top Five Dynasty Assets on the Indianapolis Colts

Which of Indianapolis’s players are the most valuable in dynasty leagues? We pick out five.

Jonathon Taylor

Despite employing a quarterback venturing near his 40s on the roster, the Indianapolis Colts are a fringe playoff contender in 2020 thanks to a reliable enough offense that has been largely complementary to a strong defense with some high-quality pieces on each phase. The team is also in line for a free agent quarterback if they decide to let Philip Rivers test the market after his one-year deal is up after the season.

Whoever that quarterback is will inherit an offense with a few capable playmakers while playing opposite of a defense that has plenty of threats to any team. That’s a good thing for the fans because it appears as if the Jacksonville Jaguars will take Clemson prodigy Trevor Lawrence as they’ve clinched the number one overall pick.

The Colts don’t get too much media press and that’s probably because they don’t have a flashy QB. Rivers has certainly had a Hall of Fame-caliber career, but at this stage, he’s in the twilight of it and far from his best years like 2009, 2013, or 2018. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of quality here if you’re looking for crucial young pieces for your dynasty team.

So without further delay, let’s present five valuable dynasty players who just so happen to be members of the Indianapolis Colts.

Michael Pittman, WR (Age: 23)

Drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft, Pittman was considered one of the top receiving prospects of his class. It’s been a shaky transition of both rough and smooth sailing, as Pittman has had a couple of breakout performances (such as against the Titans in week ten), but has otherwise had a relatively quiet season, with 38 catches for 475 yards and a touchdown. His 55.9 fantasy points are the 85th most among all wide receivers according to FantasyData, so what’s the point of drafting him in your dynasty league?

Well, consider Pittman is a more vertical receiver with an old quarterback with declining arm strength. That’s not to excuse the lack of high production from the rookie, but perhaps getting a free agent quarterback will unleash the young receiver into being a solid contributor, similar to someone like Corey Davis. His route running was pretty strong in college, and has shown flashes at times.

Truth be told, you’d be better off finding Pittman at the cheapest option possible, but his injuries have me convinced that at 100% he can be at least a good dynasty option, and with a younger quarterback who might help.

Jonathan Taylor, RB (21)

No rookie has been more of a slow burner than Taylor. Initially derided as a bust after a lack of production in his first few games, Taylor has since broken out as the Colts’ top running back. With a total of 1,214 yards from scrimmage and ten total touchdowns, Taylor is seventh in FantasyData’s metrics for fantasy points among all running backs (179.4).

Taylor has really turned up his game in the second half of 2020, with great vision and outstanding ankle-breaking cuts. Running backs on rookie contracts tend to be must-haves in dynasty football, and it’ll be hard to pass up Taylor if you’re looking for some help in the run game.

Kenny Moore, CB (25)

I never have enough to say about Moore, an underrated veteran corner who’s widely considered one of the best slot defenders in the game. Moore has been a crucial piece of a powerful Colts secondary.

From a dynasty standpoint, there is potential. His current stats include 63 tackles, three tackles for loss, a sack, two quarterback hits, 12 pass disruptions, and four interceptions. Moore’s efforts landed him 111.6 fantasy points, ranking him 11th among all defensive backs and fourth among all corners. He’s a consistent threat rushing the passer on blitzes and his coverage skills have been quite under the radar.

After getting a contract extension in the off-season, that decision has paid off beautifully as Moore is transforming into a high-quality corner before our very eyes. His versatility as a defender makes him intriguing and worth a dynasty waiver.

DeForest Buckner, DT (26)

This is practically a no brainer, as Buckner has been the second-best defensive tackle in all of 2020 behind you know who. One of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs of the year, Buckner’s first season with the Colts has resulted in 7.5 sacks, 24 quarterback hits, and 11.5 tackles for loss. Among all defensive linemen on FantasyData (excluding outside linebackers such as TJ Watt), Buckner is third in fantasy points (111.9), only trailing Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett.

What makes Buckner so appealing as a dynasty option in IDP leagues is how quickly he’s able to win against offensive linemen. His deadly swim move is a trademark and he’s a violent, quick rusher off the snap of the ball, with long tentacle-like arms crushing his foes.

Buckner will be 27 in 2021, with plenty of power left in the tank and in the middle of his prime. It would be wise to pick him up as soon as you possibly can before your opponents begin to get some ideas.

Darius Leonard, LB (25)

Much like Buckner, Leonard is a virtual no brainer in any IDP leagues. Racking up excellent after excellent season through his first three years in the NFL, Leonard has put together another strong dynasty year.

His 2020 season has resulted in 133.1 fantasy points, ranking him 14th among all listed linebackers (yes, including outside linebackers). However, because he missed a couple of games to injury, Leonard’s points per game are actually fourth among his position (10.2).

Leonard plays the ball so well, which is why he’s highly sought-after and a respected defender in the AFC. He will get you a ton of solo tackles and a decent amount of tackles for loss, while also mixing in some pressure stats to boot. With a combination of outstanding tackling and coverage skills, he is not someone you’d want to pass over in your IDP league, and I doubt anyone seriously would.

Did we miss anyone? File another Colt you would add to the list in the comment section below!

The Top Five Dynasty Assets on the Indianapolis Colts
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2 years ago

Johnny, Thanks for these articles! This is a great series for productive struggle teams. Do you have a take on Parris Campbell? He seems like a classic roster clogger where we’re always going to be waiting for next season. Is he a drop or “trade for anything” type of player? I want to root for him, but I want to be logical too. Thanks, Sean

Ed Geis
2 years ago

I’m not usually that guy, but someone should fix the title or body of the J. Blackmon piece. It’s about K. Moore

Reply to  Ed Geis
2 years ago

Cheers for flagging, Ed.

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