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Sunday Six Pack: Week Three

We look ahead to another exciting weekend of action! Which dynasty players are in the spotlight?

Jerry Jeudy

We look ahead to another exciting weekend of action! Which dynasty players are in the spotlight?

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Sunday Six Pack: Week Three
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Scott Bartsch
2 years ago

The Bills are playing the Rams this week.

Rick Solak
Reply to  Scott Bartsch
2 years ago

Yeah that was kind of lazy writing it seems. Also some of the takes seemed like he just watched national headlines. I usually expect more out of this site.

Jayde Herrick
Reply to  Rick Solak
2 years ago

These keyboard warriors and there ridiculous comments.

After punching out this article at night after all those games you critic him for mistaking the game coming up next week.

The baker mayfield comments highlighted his season so far which continued on for himself and the players mentioned this week, who cares when it was written. Is it incorrect? No

This is my first comment on any DLF page, but seriously get half an idea guys!!

You point out a mistake so they take it down to not put out incorrect articles and then you bag them for it.

Seriously 😒

Eric Laurent
Reply to  Jayde Herrick
2 years ago

Take a breath, man. I acknowledge I was wrong about the Baker section (see my comment below), but it’s fair to criticize a writer for talking about two same-week matchups that somehow both involve the Raiders. It’s also on the editor for not catching it. While Rick went a little harder on the criticism (still his right as a reader), Scott and I were each just pointing out a mistake to be corrected. No keyboard warfare here.

Eric Laurent
2 years ago

The Bills and Raiders do not play this weekend.

Eric Laurent
Reply to  Eric Laurent
2 years ago

So now they’ve pulled the segment about the fictitious Bills-Raiders game and replaced it with a bit about Baker Mayfield that seems to have been written before Thursday’s game.

Eric Laurent
Reply to  Eric Laurent
2 years ago

This one’s my mistake. I mixed up the Thursday games from Weeks 2 and 3. The Baker segment is correct as written. My bad.

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