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Dynasty Strategy: The Rule of 1.5

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We bring back an old concept to a new audience.


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Dynasty Strategy: The Rule of 1.5
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Leonard Young
11 months ago

I don’t agree with using the term “moral standard” as a blanket descriptor for all character concerns. Many character concerns are the result of addiction issues or other mental health issues. It’s not always (or even usually) about fully healthy people making poor choices.

Charles Day
11 months ago

You need to take age into account here, too. Neurobiologists tell us that the pathways connecting the parts of the brain responsible for rational thought and the part that governs emotion and decision making are still developing up to the age of about 25. Somebody who looks and acts like “The Bad Seed” at 18 can be a solid citizen by 25. So, if I’m going to use the rule of 1.5, I’d allow for that factor to degrade over time, especially for young guys who seem to clean up their acts as they get a little older.

A.J. Carroll
11 months ago

Great advice, had never thought of looking at rankings and including a quantifiable character penalty. Still trying to get my feet under me from drafting Ray Rice at 1.6 in our 2013 startup. Woof.

10 months ago

Hi Ken,

You have addressed a very difficult subject. Lots of opinions I am sure. Glad you have taken a stand. You have used 1.5 to measure the quantitative risk. Reasonable approach. I simply can’t draft either of the two guys you mention in the example. It is important to me to win with teammates and players (even coaches) that I can root for. Can’t do it with those guys. Not going to draft them. “Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing” is not a quote I agree with. There are many amazing players who lead on an off the field. I’ll take my chances with them win or lose. First Dynasty Draft coming up in August. Looking forward to learning a lot from DLF. Keep up the good work!

T S Simmons 06/14/2020 at 11:06 PM

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