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Rookies Destined to be Overdrafted

Kane Fossell picks out seven rookies who you may want to avoid at current price.

Ke'Shawn Vaughn

Kane Fossell picks out seven rookies who you may want to avoid at current price.


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Rookies Destined to be Overdrafted
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Vendetta .
11 months ago

I’m confused. Ruggs is going to be both over and underdrafted? I agree about Vaughn though.

James Mosko
Reply to  Vendetta .
11 months ago

Two different author’s. Kane is obviously wrong, as I own Ruggs. Lol. But I got him in the 2nd round, so I viewed the upside too great at that point.

Vendetta .
Reply to  Kane Fossell
11 months ago

My apologies I didn’t realize it was a different author. Ruggs is definitely a polarizing player but one that I’ll have to make some tough calls on in my leagues. I have a few where I have multiple 1sts and debating if I want to try and hit a HR with him in those leagues or opt for a safer option that might not have the highest ceiling.

Thanks for the analysis guys!

Reply to  James Mosko
11 months ago

Kane is wildly wrong about Ruggs

11 months ago

JuJu is in the final year of his contract.

11 months ago

“So, for Kelley to return value, two things have to happen: The first is that Kelley beats out Jackson for that number two role and the second? The Chargers must continue to utilize two running backs heavily.“ Both of these feel highly likely to occur from where I’m sitting… and it isn’t like MGIII had 0 receptions while playing alongside Ekeler. While I’d temper expectations for Year 1, I think the potential for upside is clear, and I’m getting him late round 3. Generally agree with the rest, however.

Josh Warburton
11 months ago

Juju is in his last year of his contract and there is a good chance they won’t be able to resign him. I hope they do but with the Steelers cap situation he could be playing somewhere else next year leaving Claypool with a chance at a big role next year

11 months ago

Dang Kane why is everyone so on you about your Ruggs opinion? I think you make a great argument. Ruggs fits the “boom or bust” play style very well, he has the potential for a couple 30+ point games this year but he also has the potential to score less than 10 points quite often if he can’t break those big plays. I don’t see Ruggs being a guy who catches 6-8 balls a week or has a lot of opportunities every game. I think his weekly scoring will be inconsistent.

Louis Tranquilli
11 months ago

Vaughn is so overvalued right now. He’s 2020’s Darrell Henderson in Dynasty drafts.

If he was so good, he would have gone in the 2nd round with all the other RBs.

I would suspect TB brings in a veteran if they don’t like what Vaughn looks like to begin camp, whenever that is.

TB12 didn’t show up there to get blown up by a rookie RB.

Brian Koke
11 months ago

I don’t get the Ruggs hate. He’s not just a deep threat like everyone assumes. I wasn’t particularly high on him predraft, but he did go first overall and to a team that needs weapons. I wasn’t planning on getting him anywhere as I expected him to go in the 1st, but he’s sliding into the 2nd in every draft I’ve been in. He’s turned into a value just like Marquis Brown was last year. He’s definitely not overvalued.

Louis Tranquilli
Reply to  Brian Koke
11 months ago

Brian, I don’t think it’s hate on Ruggs. It’s just logic, but logic that misses the mark.

John Gruden’s #1 WR receives a massive target share. Ruggs is going to be that #1, it just may take a year to get him to be the dominant WR. For this season, Tyrell Williams (assuming healthy) could still be a nice player in my opinion.

11 months ago

While I understand veterans having remaining years on their contracts should be noted, this article lists this as an absolute “well, DUH” reason that a rookie has no shot at snaps. Sure, Justin Jackson has years left, but what has he done to show he has a strangle hold on the #2 job in LA? Plus, Jackson is only owed $750,000 this season, and he’s a RFA after the season. Early 3rd round is where you take chances in a rookie draft on guys like Kelley.

I just don’t believe players can be overdrafted in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

Steve Ross
11 months ago

Claypool in the 3rd will be a steal in any draft. Just don’t expect a lot of production year 1.

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