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Twitter Observations: Draft Reaction and Fifth-Year Options

We expand on some of the hot dynasty topics this week.

Corey Davis

We expand on some of the hot dynasty topics this week.


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Twitter Observations: Draft Reaction and Fifth-Year Options
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Kemp Moyer(@kemp34)
1 year ago

The fact is is amazing that Aiyuk is “being taken after a quarterback!” (OMG, right?) is a big deal shows you how faulty the standard dynasty rules are. The hands down #1 pick in the NFL draft at by far the most important position on the field is an afterthought? If your dynasty league rules are this down on the QB position, you need to change your league rules. Plain and simple. All 3 dynasty leagues I am in have QBs properly valued and all 3 Burrow is in the argument with the top RBs for the #1 overall pick. This is how dynasty drafts should be.

Christoph Phipps(@christophphipps)
Reply to  Kemp Moyer
1 year ago

It’s call Superflex dude

neil chester(@filbertneil)
Reply to  Christoph Phipps
1 year ago


Kemp Moyer(@kemp34)
Reply to  Christoph Phipps
1 year ago

Yeah, two of the leagues I am in have superflex and one has single QB but the scoring system slants towards them. My point is that “standard” formats where QBs don’t even enter the top 5 pick discussion crack me up. Why would anyone want a league where the most important position is an afterthought? It doesn’t make sense.

Matthew M(@piperdown81)
Reply to  Kemp Moyer
1 year ago

Supply and demand. Lots of QBs and when you only need to start 1 why waste a high rookie pick on a player who is going to have minimal impact to your weekly total? If you have 32 NFL starting QBs but only 12 starting each week in your dynasty league, there just isn’t the demand. Where as if there are 24 starting RBs in your league and 36 starting WRs, those are more valuable positions and have the greatest impact to your weekly total. The difference between DLF’s #12QB Burrow and #17 Ryan on a weekly basis is much different than CEH at #9 or Dobbins at #12 and Sony Michele/Guice/Kerryon at 30-32.

Christopher Harris(@charris1460)
1 year ago

I understand why dynasty owners are passing Aiyuk. Despite the talent he’s likely to be the 3rd option behind Kittle and Samuel on one of the league’s run heaviest offense with a middling QB throwing him the ball. It’s hard to excited about that even with the talent he has. It’s a pass for me unless I can score him in the early to mid second round.

Slick M.(@cityslickers94)
1 year ago

good takes Michael!

Aiyuk is worth the investment, especially late 1st/early 2nd. go for the talent and draft capital and worry about the targets later

Dobbins is the truth! he could end up the #1RB of a talented class

Trubisky – it was over before it started. poster child for a “reach”. He will be a good? backup from here on out

Davis – he will be an underrated gem for 2021 FA WR class. Ten was probably the worst landing spot for a number of reasons. He didn’t have a good QB, scheme and coming from a small school, the high draft capital/spotlight probably added to the challenges. But he is talented. Dominant in college and showed flashes, including playoffs against Pats his rookie year. He was the only one who came to play that day!

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