Dynasty Injury Impact: Week 14

Austin DeWitt

PSA: When I list a player in the “notable, but less significant” it can be for one of two things. Either the injury is insignificant or the player is. Can I say that?

All info contained in this article is from the great Matthew Betz, follow him @TheFantasyPT. He’s an orthopedic physical therapist and does injury analysis for The Fantasy Footballers. So, he is a great resource to follow for injury updates.


Jameis Winston, TB

Injury: Fractured thumb

Timeframe: Week to week

As if you needed more reason not to trust Winston, he now has a tiny fracture on his right thumb. He was able to finish the game last week after leaving to get x-rays. While that may sound encouraging, he is currently getting a second opinion. He may miss week 15, but even if he does play, his grip strength could be affected which would, in turn, affect his “accuracy”.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Patrick Mahomes (hand injury)

Running Back

Derrius Guice, WAS

Injury: MCL sprain

Timeframe: IR (out for season)

This could have been a lot worse. What initially looked like a torn ACL turned out to be a sprained MCL. The difference was the fact that his foot was not planted on the ground when he was hit. This is an injury with about a month recovery, but since the Redskins are not doing so hot, they decided to place Guice on IR, which is the smart move.

Rashaad Penny, SEA

Injury: Torn ACL

Timeframe: IR (out for season)

Penny had finally forced himself into a split backfield with Chris Carson and just like that, it was over. To the IR he goes and he may not even be ready for week one in 2020. Like most disappointing prospects though, he has given us a glimmer of hope that he can someday be what we had hoped.

Derrick Henry, TEN

Injury: Hamstring strain

Timeframe: Day to day

Most people seem to be brushing this off after Henry was able to return to the game and continued to dominate. The problem is that this injury has lingered for the past two to three weeks. Anyone remember Leonard Fournette’s lingering hamstring strain from last year? Henry’s heavy usage is only putting him at more risk to make this injury worse. Guice and Penny were the ones who left owners hanging in week 14, but Henry may be that guy next week.

Wide Receiver

Alshon Jeffery, PHI

Injury: Torn Achilles

Timeframe: IR (out for season)

Despite the fact that we’ve seen some miraculous recoveries from Achilles tears this year (Emmanuel Sanders and Cooper Kupp), the fact remains that most sufferers never return to normal. D’Onta Foreman didn’t. Jeffrey has looked like a shell of his former self for a while now, and now he has the un-coveted task of healing from this devastating injury. His 2019 over and his days of fantasy relevance may be too.

Mike Evans, TB

Injury: Hamstring strain

Timeframe: IR (out for season)

It was a good touchdown, but Evans clearly hurt his leg in the process. A Monday MRI confirmed that he suffered a serious strain. It would already take a month for him to recover and with so little of the season left to play, he will end his season and focus on healing.

Calvin Ridley, ATL

Injury: Abdominal injury

Timeframe: Out for season

We don’t know exactly what is going on with Ridley, but he had to go to the hospital for it. It has been an injury-riddled season for the former first-rounder and he now finds himself on IR. The fact that he had to go to the hospital suggests that the injury may have been to an internal organ, but either way he is done for 2019.

Parris Campbell, IND

Injury: Fractured foot

Timeframe: IR (out for season)

Another rough, injury-riddled season for a hyped receiver. First it was a hamstring, then a hernia surgery, and followed by a broken bone in his hand. Now he has a broken bone in his foot. It feels like Corey Coleman all over again. Regardless, he should be ready for training camp.

DeVante Parker, MIA

Injury: Concussion

Timeframe: Day to day

The rare fifth-year breakout may be postponed for a bit while Parker recovers from a concussion. As I’ve said before, every concussion is different, so watch those practice reports to see what his status is for week 15 and beyond.

DJ Chark, JAC

Injury: Foot sprain

Timeframe: At least one week

Are we done with wide receiver injuries yet? What a brutal week. Chark suffered a foot sprain and was seen in a walking boot riding a scooter during the remainder of the game Sunday. These are multi-week injuries so expect Chark’s season to be over for fantasy purposes.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Albert Wilson (concussion), Auden Tate (MCL sprain)

Tight End

Mark Andrews, BAL

Injury: Thigh contusion

Timeframe: Week to week

Andrews was able to avoid serious injury on Sunday and escaped with just a thigh contusion. This injury creates stiffness, tightness, and pain so it will take some time to heal up. The fact that the Ravens play on Thursday night means that he likely won’t be ready and will miss week 15.

Noah Fant, DEN

Injury: Foot sprain

Timeframe: Week to week

The tight end surprise of the week, Fant showed what he is capable of. Luckily, he did his damage before suffering a foot injury. X-rays on his foot were negative, but like Chark, this is a multi-week injury. Fant’s rookie season could be over.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Ryan Griffin (ankle sprain) Jared Cook (concussion), Vance McDonald (concussion)

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