DLF Acquires FFStatistics

Ken Kelly

Good afternoon!

We have some big news from the DLF Team.  It took a few late nights and lots of tweaks here and there, but we’re to excited to announce DLF has acquired FFStatistics.com. As you know, we’ve been dedicated to continue providing you with premium news, tools and resources to help you reach the pinnacle in your respective dynasty leagues.  This acquisition will further help the cause of all of you to achieve dynasty immortality.  Many of the familiar faces from FFStatistics will be joining team DLF, including Addison Hayes, who was the co-creator of FFStatistics and one of the leading developers in the industry.  For those who don’t know, FFStatistics is the premier source for Fantasy Football data, visualizations and tools.

In the short-term, we’re excited to add a brand new base of new members and will start migrating the tools from FFStatistics over to DLF.  We’re currently evaluating just which tools are going to be most useful to our members and starting the process.  If you aren’t familiar with FFStatistics and their (our) surplus of tools, be sure to check them (us) out.  Some of those include the following:

Yearly Data Tool
Opportunity Data Tool
ZScore Tool
Weekly Game Logs
Stats by Week Tool
Weekly Metric Plot
Consistency Data
Coaching History Tool

Explore the links above for video tutorials on how to use each of those tools – you’ll be pretty amazed at the data presentation there.  Here are some questions you may have:

1.) When is this taking place?
Already did.

2.) Can I already access the tools as a Premium DLF Member
Patience will be rewarded.  We’re working on the migration to DLF now.  However, we’ve taken down the paywall on FFStatistics so everyone can enjoy the tools now.

3.) What will happen with the FFStatistics site?
We’re working to keep it active throughout the rest of the season while we continue the migration.

4.) How many new faces will we see at DLF?
A bunch.  They also really fit our brand as good people in the industry, not just good writers or programmers.

5.) OK, this is cool and all.  How much more is it going to cost me?
Nothing.  Yes, really. NOTHING.

We’ll be evaluating which tools, data and possible content to put behind the paywall to complement what we already have.  However, there are no immediate plans to raise our Premium Subscription costs.  In fact, you’re undying loyalty to this site (we have an insane retention rate) gave us the ability to make this purchase to enhance your DLF experience.  We’ve always said your faith in us will be rewarded with us working tirelessly to give you the best fantasy football experience on the web.  Thanks for giving us that! If you haven’t, we offer you our biggest sale of the year!

6.) Will DLF now conquer the world?
Yes, likely in June.

We’d like to publicly thank everyone at FFStatistics.  The evolution of this relationship is great for the fantasy community and we’re dedicated to taking care of their members and all who make DLF their new home for content or development.  It’s an exciting day.  Now, back to writing The Dynasty Aftermath….

ken kelly