Dynasty Injury Impact: Week Three

Austin DeWitt

It only took three weeks for a major fantasy contributor to bite the dust. The fact that Saquon Barkley – the dynasty 1.01 – is down and out for a while is real bummer for anyone who appreciates good football. Not counting Bae-quon, this week was pretty mild on the injury front.

Let’s break it down.

PSA: When I list a player in the “notable, but less significant” it can be for one of two things. Either the injury is insignificant or the player is. Can I say that?

Running Back

Saquon Barkley, NYG

Injury: High ankle sprain

Timeframe: Six-eight weeks

Seeing Barkley in a walking boot and crutches is a fantasy owner’s worst nightmare. If you can still make it to the playoffs, then the good news is that Barkley will be back this season. The initial report is was that he would be out for four to eight weeks, but with the Giants having a bye in Week 11, he could take the full eight to recover. Expect Wayne Gallman to take over duties in the Giants backfield although he will likely be a flex option at best.

LeSean McCoy, KC

Injury: Right ankle sprain

Timeframe: Day to day

This is not a new injury for McCoy. It is a re-aggravation of the one that landed him on this report last week. The reports out of KC are positive, but according to Matthew Betz, McCoy’s recovery is now pushed farther back. Even if he manages to play in Week Four, he won’t be healthy and is even more at risk for another re-injury.

Damien Williams may be able to return this week, but if he is unable to, then Darrel Williams and Darwin Thompson will split the workload with Darrel in play as an RB2.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Ito Smith (Concussion)

Wide Receiver

TY Hilton, IND

Injury: Quad strain

Timeframe: Week to week

You know a player is injured when they take themselves out of the game. That’s exactly what Hilton did last Sunday. He had a quad strain during the week and re-injured it during the game. With these types of injuries, it is important that players don’t return too soon, otherwise the risk of further injury is very high. You should be hoping he takes Week Four off to rest.

Julian Edelman, NE

Injury: Undisclosed rib injury

Timeframe: Day to day

Edelman left early in Week Three after suffering a rib injury. Fortunately, x-rays came back negative which means this becomes a simple pain tolerance issue. There are several ways to ease the pain, like injections and a flak jacket, but Matthew Betz expects him to return in Week Four.

Josh Gordon, NE

Injury: Dislocated finger

Timeframe: Day to day

Josh Gordon suffered a dislocated finger while blocking for Phillip Dorsett. He was able to return to the game after getting it taped up. This should heal quickly and you can fully expect Gordon to be out there against the Bills.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Allen Hurns (Concussion)

Tight End

Vance McDonald, PIT

Injury: Undisclosed shoulder injury

Timeframe: Day to day

Not a lot was initially known about this shoulder injury and we still don’t know the actual diagnosis. What you do need to know though is that not only is his arm in a sling, but the Steelers also traded a fifth-round pick to Seattle for Nick Vannett. That is certainly not a good sign for McDonald’s future going forward.

Other notable injuries, although less significant for fantasy: Jimmy Graham (Quad and Groin Strain)

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