The #SFB9 Fantasy Football Tournament

Ken Moody

If you are reading this page, odds are you love to play fantasy football. It’s why you are here. The competition, the strategy, the camaraderie… at it’s best, it’s a game which bring people together and heightens our enjoyment of the NFL. There may be no other league which embodies these characteristics more than the Scott Fish Bowl. Entering it’s ninth season, the #SFB9 is an industry-wide fantasy football experience unlike any other. And now, a spot in this this exclusive tournament will be available to one lucky DLF subscriber.

What is the SFB9?

Well known to many in the industry, the Scott Fish Bowl is the world’s largest fantasy football Pro/Am tournament. In its ninth season, #SFB9 will bring together 900 teams in a massive fantasy football league run on The league will include leading industry analysts (including many of the writers and contributors you know from DLF) facing off against everyday fantasy football enthusiasts.

It’s not often you might find yourself in a league with the likes of Matthew Berry, Evan Silva, Field Yates, Jamey Eisenberg, Brad Evans, Bob Harris, Michael Fabiano, Sigmund Bloom, Ryan McDowell, and many other industry analysts. It’s exciting for everyone involved as it’s a fun and challenging field of competition where anything can happen, and anyone can win it all!

Named after it’s creator, Scott Fish, the tournament began from humble beginnings and has grown in size and notoriety every year. You can read more about the SFB & Scott Fish here, if you are interested. But every year the rules are tweaked and changed, and often the SFB league rules influence rules in innovative leagues for years to follow. While not a dynasty league, it’s just about the most challenging redraft league you’ll ever play in!

Moreover, #SFB help raise funds for Scott’s other great passion, #FantasyCares.

What is #FantasyCares?

Anyone who knows Scott will tell you what an awesome human being he is. Not just one of the nicest people in the the fantasy football industry, Scott is always looking for ways to help people in need. In 2015, he started #FantasyCares as an informal fund-raising effort to purchase toys for kids in need at Christmas. Just like #SFB, the event has grown every year, and has become the major charitable fundraiser within the fantasy football community.

It’s been an amazing grass-roots effort that has grown through the hard work of Scott and the many volunteers in the fantasy industry. They help make the fundraising efforts fun and increasingly effective. You can read more about the history of these fundraisers on the FantasyCares website.

How can you help?

You can always donate directly to FantasyCares if you wish to help out that terrific cause. Many people elect to use a portion of the funds from their own fantasy leagues for #FantasyCares. Even if you prefer another charity, we encourage you to consider this strategy. It’s a great way to give some extra purpose to your league, knowing that a part of the league pool will go to help others in need, no matter the charity.

How can you enter #SFB9?

You can sign up for an entry into the Scott Fish Bowl here. But in each of the last few years, thousands of applicants have been turned away. At the time this article was written, over 11,000 applications have been submitted for the roughly 500 non-industry team openings. Some people try for years and are never able to make it. But your odds are about to improve!

If you register now for an Annual DLF Membership using the coupon code: SFB9 , you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a coveted spot in this tournament. After the deadline has passed, one random winner will be selected and will win a spot in the tournament.

Additionally, DLF will donate $5 to #FantasyCares from every purchase made using the coupon code SFB9. So not only will you be increasing your odds of playing in the largest fantasy football tournament around, and potentially earning a shot at putting a beat-down on some of the most well-known analysts in the industry, but you will also be helping raise funds for a terrific charity.

Even if you already have an existing annual DLF membership, this annual membership will simply be added on the end of your existing membership, extending it by an additional full year.

If you currently have a recurring monthly (or annual) subscription, you’ll want to cancel that recurring subscription first before using the coupon code. You can do that in your Account settings. This annual membership will be added on the end date of your existing subscription, ensuring you get the full year of additional membership you are purchasing.

That’s it!

Register now for your annual membership using the coupon code SFB9 to be entered into a drawing for a spot in the #SFB9 tournament. Remember, $5 of every purchase made this way will be going towards the #FantasyCares charity.

Time is limited as the entry to the tournament must be submitted by 9PM PST on Wednesday, June 19th. The randomly selected winner of the entry will be announced here on this post, and will be contacted via email. Please note: this entry cannot be transferred or sold. If the winner of the #SFB9 entry elects not to participate, another winner will be selected at random from the remaining contest entrants.

In addition to participating this contest, we encourage you to register your interest directly at the ScottFishBowl website. And follow along all year on twitter under the #SFB9 hashtag to witness the excitement and trash-talking which ensues.

And finally, we encourage you to consider integrating some type of charitable component into every fantasy league in which you participate. It’s a tremendous way to make your fun pastime into something that can make a difference in the world.


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