Devy Stock Market: Week Three

Nathan Powell

The fantasy football stock market is constantly fluctuating and it is always important for us to know which players have a price that has become exploitable whether it be to buy or sell. Pieces like this one have been fairly commonplace in the industry for a while in both redraft and dynasty, but I will be focusing on college players for devy dynasty leagues and how their week-to-week performances are affecting their price in those leagues.

Stock Up

Henderson Hunting – Darrell Henderson, RB Memphis

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Darrell Henderson flashed in 2017 with 1,154 yards and nine touchdowns with an 8.9 yards per carry. That flash has turned into lightning in 2018 as he has become one of the most productive backs in the country through three weeks.

Through three games, Henderson has 611 total yards and seven touchdowns. He leads college football in rushing yards with 521 and has accounted for 33% of the Memphis total offensive yardage this season. Henderson went undrafted in many devy leagues this off-season, but him playing outside of the power five conferences makes it more likely to see him return for his senior season, even if these video game type numbers continue.

If he does return, Henderson could be a deep devy stash. Even with the big numbers, not many non-power five seniors get much respect in devy leagues (outside of Corey Davis and Courtland Sutton).

Etienne Looks Like a 10 – Travis Etienne, RB Clemson

Travis Etienne was one of my favorite buys this off-season in devy drafts. It seems many of these top Clemson players are owned in all devy leagues before they step foot on campus. That wasn’t the case with Etienne as he was a three-star running back, ranking as the #26 back in his graduation class (per Rivals).

Etienne showed quickly why he was underrated by the high school scouting circuit, running for 766 yards and 13 touchdowns, along with a 7.2 yards per carry in his freshman season. Etienne had a relatively slow night start to the season with only 108 rushing yards and two touchdowns in his first games of the season. In week three, Etienne showed more of what we saw in 2017 with 162 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

The 2020 running back class is something that will come up often in this article over the next two seasons and Etienne will be one of the top backs in a class that looks to be very good.

Big Play Brown – Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, WR Oklahoma

“We drafted the wrong Oklahoma wide receiver.” I sent this text to Russell Clay last Saturday, who I co-own a team with in the ‘Kitchen Cinco’ dynasty/devy league. We selected CeeDee Lamb this off-season thinking Lamb was the best wide receiver in the Oklahoma passing game.

Lamb put up 807 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in his freshman season. That, along with his 6’2” 189-pound frame, made him the more attractive of the Oklahoma wideouts. Now Lamb hasn’t had a bad start to the season. It’s been good, with 225 receiving yards in three games, including 146 receiving yards against UCLA. But if Lamb has been good, Marquise Brown has been amazing.

Brown has 19 catches for 412 receiving yards and three touchdowns. From an NFL perspective, the only real concern is his size at only 5’10”, 168 pounds. Even with his slim frame, if his numbers continue, Brown will likely be one of top wide receivers drafted in the 2019 draft. If Brown is owned in your devy leagues, it’s worth a price check just to see if the owner is crediting the statistics to the Oklahoma offense more so than the player.

Stock Down

Top 2019 Quarterbacks Slumping – Jarrett Stidham, QB Auburn and Jake Browning, QB Washington

The 2019 quarterback class is widely regarded as unimpressive and that won’t be helped by the fact that both Stidham and Browning struggled in week three of the college football season. Stidham faced a good LSU defense and had a poor performance with two interceptions. He completed less than 60% of his passes for the second straight game, including a 6-11 for 113 yard performance against Alabama State in week two. Through three games, Stidham’s 7.4 adjusted yards-per-attempt is the lowest of his career, 1.4 yards lower than 2017 and 2.0 yards lower than his career average.

Browning wasn’t as highly regarded in the devy community this off-season, but he has also struggled early on. He has a pair of games below 60% completion percentage and has thrown four interceptions in three games. Browning’s 7.1 AY/A is also the lowest of his career, 1.5 yards lower than his career average.


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