Standard Dynasty Rankings: 71-80

This article is a continuation of our Standard Dynasty Rankings Series that takes us through our full top 100 rankings.

This is by far the strangest mix of players we’ve covered in this series. In today’s edition, we have a receiver who isn’t currently on an NFL team, a tight end who won’t get a snap in 2018, and a quarterback who hasn’t played since 2016. Get ready for some uncertainty and question marks. We’re in for a wild ride.

Let’s dig into 71-80 of our Standard Dynasty Rankings!

71) Sterling Shepard, WR NYG | 2017 Finish: WR 47 | Age: 25

I totally understand if Sterling Shepard has completely fallen off of your radar. As if getting recognition on an offense that has Odell Beckham and Evan Engram wasn’t tough enough, the addition of Saquon Barkley makes it near impossible. Luckily for Shepard owners, the lack of notoriety doesn’t seem to phase him in the slightest. He just keeps going along his business.

In just 11 games in 2017, Shepard impressively topped his rookie season yardage total of 683. We can complain all we want about his two touchdowns, but the fact of the matter is, Sterling Shepard has become somebody we have to pay attention to.

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72) Dez Bryant, WR FA | 2017 Finish: WR 25 | Age: 29

Is it time to start worrying about Dez Bryant? It’s not even that he hasn’t signed yet, but there haven’t even been a lot of rumors. Maybe I’m just overreacting. As we all know, whoever does end up landing the three-time pro-bowler is getting one heck of a red-zone target. His WR1 days are almost certainly behind him. But if he can keep making end zone appearances like we know he can, he’ll be a valuable receiver for several more seasons.

73) Hunter Henry, TE LAC | 2017 Finish: TE 11 | Age: 23

Drafting Hunter Henry is like putting money in retirement. There are more fun ways to spend your cash, but you know that down the road, you’re going to be thanking your younger self. Since we can’t talk about his 2018, let’s go over what he’s done so far in his young career. Henry has amassed 12 touchdowns and 1,050 yards in just two seasons as a Charger. Oh, and by the way, he’s been sharing snaps with a future Hall of Famer in Antonio Gates, who has now left the organization. I don’t care that Henry is out for all of 2018. This young man has a fantastic future ahead of him.

74) Andrew Luck, QB IND | 2017 Finish: Injury | Age: 28

Andrew Luck’s never-ending shoulder injury saga has made a lot of us forget just how dominant he really was. Let’s remind ourselves: Discounting his 2015 season where he only played seven games, Luck has averaged just under 4,300 yards and 29 touchdowns. Even more impressive, in just five seasons played as a pro, Luck has already finished as a top-five quarterback three times. We obviously can’t know if he’ll ever get back to that status. But if he can, he’ll be right back among the most valuable quarterbacks in dynasty.

75) Jimmy Garoppolo, QB SF | 2017 Finish: QB 33/6 Games | Age: 26

Jimmy Garoppolo is 26 years old, has made seven NFL starts, and might just be one of the most talked about players in football. Just about everyone can’t wait for a complete season of Jimmy GQ. Garoppolo’s stats in his limited sample size are easy to fall in love with. But just like with Deshaun Watson, we have to see what he can do over an entire season before we value them any higher.

76) Alex Collins, RB BAL | 2017 Finish: RB 16 | Age: 23

A year after a very pedestrian rookie season in Seattle, Alex Collins got an opportunity as a Raven and never looked back. 973 yards later, he’s become one of the more intriguing young backs in our game. The draft came and went and Baltimore took zero running backs in a class with tons of them. As for now, it looks like Collins is their man. Look for the former Razorback to potentially crack 1,000 yards and once again finish as a top 20 running back.

77) Jamison Crowder, WR WAS | 2017 Finish: WR 40 | Age: 24

Jamison Crowder came into 2017 as a hot commodity. Then came a rollercoaster season. After his extremely slow start, which included a three-game stretch with 36 receiving yards, many owners were losing all hope. But then Crowder caught fire in mid-season netting two games of over 120 yards. He ended the season somewhere in the middle, making him a tough player to get a read on. 2018 will be absolutely imperative to how he is valued going forward.

78) Aaron Jones, RB GB | 2017 Finish: RB 49 | Age: 23

I know I’m not the only one wondering why the Packers didn’t use Aaron Jones a whole lot more a year ago. The UTEP product did nothing but produce averaging 5.5 yards a carry, and yet, never really fully locked down the starting job. Yes, his MCL issues probably didn’t help, but nevertheless, it was a surprise. As we head into 2018, I hope there’s no more controversy in the Green Bay backfield. I so badly want a full year of this young kid. If we get it, we might see something special.

79) Marcus Mariota, QB TEN | 2017 Finish: QB 18 | Age: 24

Just a reminder: Marcus Mariota threw more interceptions than touchdowns last year. I myself think he’ll bounce back, but still, that’s not an encouraging sign for the former Heisman winner. They’ll be no excuses for Mariota in 2018. He’s set up in a more than solid offense with plenty of weapons around him. If he can return to the rookie or second year version of himself, his ADP should slowly begin to creep back up. If this fall is a repeat of his undesirable 2017, well, owners will start going into full on panic mode.

80) Mike Williams, WR LAC | 2017 Finish: WR 145 (10 Games) | Age: 23

Let’s just be real. We really have no clue what to think about Mike Williams. The believers will point to him being a top-ten pick just one year ago and that he was never quite fully healthy last year. The doubters will talk about the fact that in ten games played, the former Clemson superstar could only muster up 95 yards. So whose side are you on? I myself am a big believer, but I’m going to need to see some production before I list him any higher than he already is.

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