Standard Dynasty Rankings: 61-70

This article is a continuation of our Standard Dynasty Rankings Series that takes us through our full top 100 rankings.

In today’s edition of Standard Dynasty Rankings, we have the perfect blend of proven veterans and promising youth. With three players age 29 or older, and a trio of players age 22 or younger, there are several great options for contenders and rebuilders alike.

It’s important to remember a couple of things as we reach these parts of our rankings. For one, none of these players are ranked in the top 50 for a reason. Whether it was age, lack of consistent production, or injury history, these players aren’t exactly elite. On a more positive note, these very players in the 60-100 range are arguably the most important when crafting our dynasty rosters. If we can find a few reliable long-term starters, we set our teams up for tremendous success.

Let’s get into 61-70 of our Standard Dynasty Rankings!

61) Will Fuller, WR HOU | 2017 Finish: WR 48 | Age: 24

Extrapolate Will Fuller’s ten games to a full season and his numbers are pretty intriguing. 675 yards isn’t anything special, but I think we all know that 11 touchdowns is. Set up across from DeAndre Hopkins with Deshaun Watson throwing him the ball, I think Fuller’s set up for several bright years. What we need now from him is consistency. Yes, we don’t care a whole lot about receptions in standard scoring, but we still want our players getting the ball in their hands. With only 75 receptions in 24 career games, that’s definitely something I’m looking for Fuller to improve on.

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62) Kenyan Drake, RB MIA | 2017 Finish: RB 34 | Age: 24

Does Kenyan Drake’s story sound eerily similar to a certain running back now with Philadelphia? After a somewhat lackluster rookie season for the Dolphins, Drake really started to really find himself in year two, and has a lot of built up hype going into his third season. Let’s hope it goes just a bit smoother than Ajayi’s. Although he has a very impressive 5.0 career yards per carry, Drake has yet to fully establish himself as a dominant runner. I won’t be concerned about that anymore if he can effectively fend off Frank Gore and Kalen Ballage. 2018 could be a career-defining year for the former Alabama back.

63) Golden Tate, WR DET | 2017 Finish: WR 19 | Age: 29

They don’t come much more consistent than Golden Tate. Outside of a down year in 2015, Tate has gathered over 1,000 yards in every season in a Lions uniform. As much as we love the consistency in terms of yardage, his lack of being able to break out in the touchdown department can be a little disappointing. In his four seasons in Detroit, the former Seahawk has made four, six, four, and five end zone appearances respectively.

So what should we think of him? Tate should be viewed as nothing more and nothing less than a solid WR2. For owners looking for upside, he’s a hard pass. But for those who want every week, reliable contributors, he’s a perfect pick.

64) Demaryius Thomas, WR DEN | 2017 Finish: WR 23 | Age: 30

Just a few weeks ago, I listed Demaryius Thomas as a player to sell. I’m not backing down from that claim. But in the mid-60s, he’s just about as productive a pass catcher as you’ll find. As someone who has caught over 100 balls twice in his career, Thomas is easy to think of as a PPR star only. But forget the receptions, and focus on the fact that he’s averaged 1,100 yards over the past three seasons, and you can see why he’s still a very valuable piece in standard scoring. Look for Thomas to take advantage of the upgrade at quarterback and get back to being a top-20 receiver.

65) Kerryon Johnson, RB DET | 2017 Finish: N/A | Age: 20

Detroit fans know these two stats all too well. The Lions haven’t had a 100-yard rusher in a game, or a 1,000-yard rusher in a season since 2013. Thankfully, because of this young man, both of these droughts have a great chance of ending very soon. Why am I so confident in the Lions luck turning around? Because Kerryon Johnson is nothing short of a downright special talent. By the end of his rookie season, he very well may already be putting up flex-worthy numbers.

66) Devin Funchess, WR CAR | 2017 Finish: WR 21 | Age: 24

One of my favorite parts of the 2017 season was watching Devin Funchess truly come into his own. He completely shattered his career highs in both yards and touchdowns. So what’s next for Funchess coming off his career year? More of the same. His 800 yards and eight TDs are great season benchmarks for him to shoot for on a consistent basis. D.J. Moore being brought in should only serve to benefit the former Wolverine, as defenses will now another legitimate receiver to worry about. Few receivers are as well suited for standard scoring as this kid is, making him an excellent target here.

67) Cooper Kupp, WR LAR | 2017 Finish: WR 27 | Age: 24

Cooper Kupp was the butt of a lot of jokes targeting his age a year ago. Now, owners everywhere are looking for ways to add him to their rosters. Kupp was arguably the top performing rookie receiver in 2017 and has an excellent shot to make it back to back productive seasons. He’ll certainly have to fight for targets in a receiving corps with Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods, but having already established a strong rapport with Jared Goff, I don’t anticipate that being a problem.

68) Cam Newton, QB CAR | 2017 Finish: QB 2 | Age: 29

Incredible swagger and Superman skills are what Cam Newton is known for. But take that away, and you’re still left with a darn solid dynasty quarterback. He’s been so impressive in fact, that in five of the last seven years, he’s netted a top-five finish.

So why is he ranked all the way down here? A big part of Newton’s production comes via his legs. We have to imagine that as he grows into his thirties, his rushing numbers will only decline. Take Newton and you’re landing a quarterback who can help lead your team immediately. How good will he be five or six years from now? Your guess is as good as mine.

69) David Njoku, TE CLE | 2017 Finish: TE 20 | Age: 21

For a player who didn’t reach 400 receiving yards last season, expectations are especially high. For those that are wondering why we in the dynasty community are so bullish on his future, let’s just look at the numbers. Yes, Njoku didn’t exactly rack up receptions and yardage. But take into account the fact that he only started five games and was still able to reel in four touchdowns, and his stock becomes particularly intriguing. Njoku should be the full-time TE1 in Cleveland this year. Look for the 21-year-old to put some more compelling numbers.

70) Chris Godwin, WR TB | 2017 Finish: WR 71 | Age: 22

If you want to talk about another young man with a lot to prove, Chris Godwin is the perfect example. In 16 games as a rookie (tw starts), the Penn State product put up a respectable 524 yards but only managed to make one end zone appearance. If you watched him at Penn State you know touchdowns shouldn’t be a problem for him long term. But still, it’s something to monitor. So is Godwin ready to be a viable producer in 2018? I’m afraid there’s a slim chance of that being the case. But with his talent, size, and production so far, many view him as a future starter. There’s no doubt that Godwin is a risk. This late though, he’s well worth taking a chance on.

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