Post-Draft Superflex Rookie ADP Report

Ryan McDowell

The NFL Draft, the landing spots and draft capital that was revealed on a three-day period in late April, has had a major impact on the value of each incoming rookie. While this is always the case, the 2018 class seems to be even more affected than others. That is especially true in superflex leagues considering the five first-round quarterbacks shaking up the landscape of each league.

Let’s get to what you came for, the latest superflex rookie ADP data. Along with the current ADP, I’ve also included the pre-draft ADP for each player.

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Round One

PlayerPosition (Rank)TeamPre-Draft ADPCurrent ADPChange
Saquon BarkleyRB1NYG1.01.000
Baker MayfieldQB1CLE5.22.712.49
Derrius GuiceRB2WAS2.74.14-1.44
Nick ChubbRB3CLE5.24.710.49
Josh RosenQB2ARZ4.85.00-0.2
Sam DarnoldQB3NYJ7.76.141.56
Lamar JacksonQB4BAL9.77.292.41
Rashaad PennyRB4SEA7.27.57-0.37
Sony MichelRB5NE6.38.86-2.56
Ronald JonesRB6TB9.79.290.41
DJ MooreWR1CAR12.211.570.63
Royce FreemanRB7DEN15.212.143.06

Even in the 2QB format, new Giants running back Saquon Barkley remains king, being selected with the top pick in each of our drafts. The top overall NFL Draft pick Baker Mayfield has assumed the QB1 rank for many and he’s also the top signal caller drafted here.

As expected, the run on both running backs and quarterbacks continues through the round with only one receiver being drafted. There is surprisingly very little movement among the top 12 players, though Royce Freeman, the presumed Broncos starting running back, moves up and cracks the first-round.

Round Two

PlayerPosition (Rank)TeamPre-Draft ADPCurrent ADPChange
Calvin RidleyWR2ATL15.013.431.57
Kerryon JohnsonRB8DET19.814.145.66
Christian KirkWR3ARZ18.015.142.86
Courtland SuttonWR4DEN8.015.43-7.43
Josh AllenQB5BUF12.816.29-3.49
James WashingtonWR5PIT14.818.57-3.77
Michael GallupWR6DAL22.019.003
Anthony MillerWR7CHI27.519.577.93
Mike GesickiTE1MIA25.521.863.64
Dante PettisWR8SF42.324.0018.3
Kalen BallageRB9MIA24.024.57-0.57
Mason RudolphQB6PIT24.725.00-0.3

The second round sees a couple of tiers end, along with a major run on the wide receiver position. First, we see the end of a running back tier with Kerryon Johnson coming off the board early in the round. Landing in a favorable, yet crowded Lions backfield, Johnson is in a position to gain value quickly.

Also, it seems that the quarterback tier ends with the selection of the fifth quarterback who was selected on day one of the NFL Draft, Josh Allen. Surprisingly though, Allen is actually closer in value, based on this ADP, to the Steelers rookie quarterback Mason Rudolph. We see a gap of 8.71 between the two, while the gap from QB4, Lamar Jackson, and Allen is nine.

The second round also gives us the top overall riser following the NFL Draft, 49ers receiver Dante Pettis, whose value has skyrocketed following his second round NFL Draft capital. Pettis’ ADP is up over 18 spots, locking him in as a second-rounder in this format, as well as typical one quarterback drafts.

Round Three

PlayerPosition (Rank)TeamPre-Draft ADPCurrent ADPChange
Nyheim HinesRB10IND34.825.299.51
Equanimeous St. BrownWR9GB17.826.43-8.63
Dallas GoedertTE2PHI24.726.57-1.87
Tre’Quan SmithWR10NO37.328.149.16
DJ CharkWR11JAX28.328.71-0.41
Antonio CallawayWR12CLE33.728.864.84
Kyle LaulettaQB7NYG37.730.147.56
Deon CainWR13IND35.534.431.07
Hayden HurstTE3BAL42.335.147.16
DaeSean HamiltonWR14DEN34.535.29-0.79
Mark AndrewsTE4BAL26.535.57-9.07
John KellyRB11LAR17.736.43-18.73

The third round is a mixture of everything, with all four positions represented, along with some fast risers and fallers. Colts running back Nyheim Hines and Saints receiver Tre’Quan Smith both climbed nearly a full round, pushing them to the top portion of this group.

A pair of players who fell further than expected were Ravens tight end Mark Andrews and Todd Gurley’s new backup, John Kelly. Both are now barely hanging onto their third-round ADP. After only one tight end, Mike Gesicki, cracked the top 24 overall players, the next three come off the board in this round- all with questionable landing spots.

Finally, the receiver run from the previous round continues with six more being drafted after seven were selected in the second round.

Round Four and More

PlayerPosition (Rank)TeamPre-Draft ADPCurrent ADPChange
Keke CouteeWR15HOU44.837.717.09
J’Mon MooreWR16GBN/A39.43N/A
Mark WaltonRB12CIN26.239.57-13.37
Jaylen SamuelsRB13PIT42.842.430.37
Auden TateWR17CIN31.342.57-11.27
Jordan LasleyWR18BAL43.742.860.84
Bo ScarbroughRB14DAL32.343.14-10.84
Ito SmithRB15ATLN/A43.29N/A
Justin JacksonRB16LAC39.343.86-4.56
Chase EdmondsRB17ARZN/A45.71N/A
Braxton BerriosWR19NEN/A46.00N/A
Daurice FountainWR20INDN/A46.43N/A
Danny EtlingQB8NEN/A46.57N/A
Jordan WilkinsRB18INDN/A47.00N/A
JT BarrettQB9NO47.547.000.5
Troy FumagalliTE5DENN/A47.14N/A
Ian ThomasTE6CARN/A47.43N/A
Josh AdamsRB19PHI35.847.43-11.63
Trey QuinnWR21WAS47.848.00-0.2
Simmie CobbsWR22WAS42.548.14-5.64
Boston ScottRB20NON/A48.14N/A
Cedric WilsonWR23DALN/A48.43N/A
Akrum WadleyRB21TEN45.248.71-3.51
Jordan AkinsTE7HOUN/A48.86N/A


ryan mcdowell