Devy Profile: Bo Scarbrough, RB Alabama

Eliot Crist

You don’t know Bo. Ok, you probably do, and you definitely should. Let’s take some time today and review a possible future star in dynasty leagues.


Scarbrough was a 5-star recruit, the 16th overall prospect, and number two overall running back according to He played at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida where he played nine varsity games rushing for 1,332 yards and 19 touchdowns on 108 carries. He averaged 12.3 yards per carry and had a ridiculous 17.6 percent touchdown rate. For the complete 247sports profile, click here.

Athletic Profile

Standing at a massive 6-foot-2, 230 pounds, Scarbrough looks like the second coming of Derrick Henry when he is on the field. He didn’t run in 2017, but in 2016 he ran an excellent 4.60 40-yard dash, squat 515 pounds, and led the team with a 10-foot broad jump. He is a rare athlete for his size who shows that these elite measurables can translate on the field. Scarbrough’s performance was one of the highlights of Alabama’s Spring testing.

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Injury History and Off-field

  • Academically In-eligible in 2014
  • Four game suspension freshman year – “related to amateurism.”
  • Torn ACL in April 2015
  • Lower Leg fracture in National title game


Despite being a highly recruited back, Scarbrough had to wait his turn like many Alabama backs before him. He had only 18 carries his freshman year, but began to show his potential his sophomore year where he averaged 6.5 per carry, running for 812 yards and 11 touchdowns. He has yet to be used much in the receiving game catching four passes for 22 yards in his career. After the LSU game, Scarborough began to be the workhorse back for Alabama. Playing four defenses who ranked top 40 in the country in yards allowed per game in Auburn (28th), Florida (34th), Washington (29th), and Clemson (23rd), Scarborough simply dominated – he averaged 7.2 yards per carry versus these defenses, scoring six touchdowns and breaking at least one run of 20 or more yards, including a monster 68-yard touchdown run versus Washington. Per pro football focus, Scarbrough averaged 4.75 yards after contact, which is the most for any returning SEC running back. He is just scratching the surface on how good he can be and will be an exciting watch in 2017.

What the Film Says

Bo Scarbrough is a joy to watch play football. While he isn’t Bo Jackson, this Bo will be making a name for himself on Sundays. His athleticism is obvious when you turn on the film and his completeness as a runner is something very rare for his size. Most backs his size are power backs, but not Bo. He can do it all.

Scarborough runs with excellent vision. He can read his blocks and hit the hole hard. He is not a dancer and doesn’t rely on his size to try and bowl over lineman. He follows blocks when they are there and when the play design is being shut down, he is very effective at cutting in the backfield and bouncing it outside. He has an excellent stiff arm that he can use for power, but also to keep defenders at bay while he explodes to the outside to gain the edge as well. Once he gets the edge on the defense and turns up the field he is a nightmare for defenses.

Most often, backs are shorter and more compact. This is effective because they are lower to the ground, harder to hit, and smaller compact frames often lead to excellent balance. Scarbrough doesn’t fit this profile, but his balance is special for his size. He can adjust his hips mid stride to avoid defenders in the open field, a move that many backs cannot do. He can run through contract and take on tackles high while keeping his feet. He knows how to use his size, but can play smaller than he is when it is needed as well.

Whenever you have a back with the size and speed combo of Scarborough, you often have a powerful back. He is no exception and his ability to power through tackles is his greatest strength. He has power at all levels, can run through the tackles of lineman to power the ball into the end zone, can meet a linebacker heads up in the hole and run through him and he can make defenders in the secondary look silly trying to tackle him down the field. From the day Scarbrough steps on an NFL field he will have double-digit touchdown upside every single year. He is a beast near the goal line and shows a nose for the end zone. He fights hard and shows great field awareness, knowing where he must get to. He will be locked in as a short-yardage and red-zone back, with an upside to be so much more.

Third down ability

Alabama has a plethora of weapons which ultimately had held Scarbrough back in some regards. He was held in to pass block where his size should give him an advantage to take on blitzing linebackers. On film, he is passive at times when blocking and will need to improve in this area. Scarbrough only has four career receptions, but I think he can be a weapon for NFL teams to use in the passing game. His ability in the open field is obvious. He shows great downfield vision and when he builds up steam is near impossible to bring down. I expect Alabama to get him more involved in the passing game on screens and flares, getting him in space and letting him show what he can do.

Bottom Line

Scarbrough is an exciting back who should continue to generate more and more buzz as the season goes on. Two leg injuries will be scary to teams and 2017 will be huge to prove if he can handle a full workload. Right now, he projects as a two-down back, but he has potential to be even more. He will also enter the league as a 24-year-old rookie, which may scare some teams but most running backs are looked at for one contract so it shouldn’t cause him to fall too much.

Projected Round: Second – Third Round

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