All About the Solo: Week 11

Eric Olinger

One of the most frustrating things in IDP leagues is seeing your stud linebacker fly all over the field on game days only to see the home score keeper dilute his performance by divvying up his tackles as assists. On the flip side, if your league doesn’t score solos and assists too differently, you’ll have a better idea of which teams hand out assists like candy. Not everyone knows this, but the NFL does not recognize a tackle as an official statistic. Tackles are scored by the home team’s official score keeper and those are the stats you see on the news and websites. The league made an effort to standardize what is and isn’t a solo tackle back in 2007 when they sent a video to all NFL teams, but it is still the discretion of the home score keeper. Even after this effort there is a still a large discrepancy from team to team and week-to-week. I will be tracking this throughout the season to give you a better idea of what to expect when choosing your IDPs each week.

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There’s no place like home apparently. A trip back to Seattle and Bobby Wagner obliterates the stat sheet with double digit assists. He’s having an incredible season for the Seahawks, with or without Kam Chancellor in the lineup. Luke Kuechly was having a typical Luke Kuechly game prior to his disturbing concussion. It’s still too early to determine whether he’ll make it through the league’s concussion protocol in time for week 12 but I’d make other plans. Vontaze Burfict had his best statistical game in years on Sunday. With AJ Green and Giovani Bernard both going down and this offense struggling he could continue to see a spike in production. Danny Trevathan should see a bump in production as well after it was announced Jerrell Freeman was suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse program.

The Rams linebacker duo of Mark Barron and Alec Ogletree was very impressive this week against the Dolphins. These are the kind of numbers I expect from these guys each week. Zachary Orr continues to be the IDP to own in Baltimore over CJ Mosley. As a fan of Donte Whitner’s it was hard to watch him get roasted by Jared Cook on Sunday night. He’s old. Dynamite analysis, right? The trio of Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin and Karl Joseph are the perfect pieces to have around a game changer like Khalil Mack. This defense is so young and may be on the cusp of something special. They’re a lot of fun to watch. Of course, playing a clueless statue like Brock Osweiler sure helps. He’s by far the worst quarterback in the league on a dollar by dollar basis.


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