SFB480 Draft Review

Jeff Haverlack

Editor’s Note:  DLF’s very own Scott Fish runs one of the most popular annual redraft leagues around – the #SFB480.  There are 480 teams made up of industry analysts and regular fantasy players, randomly placed in divisions and drafting teams in hopes of winning a myriad of prizes and the all-important bragging rights for the year.  We hope you’ll enjoy a quick break from our dynasty coverage as we review Jeff Haverlack’s draft for this year’s challenge.

The annual Scott Fish Bowl (SFB), now with 480 teams, is an annual challenge that carries a huge amount of weight in the industry.  Each year, the best and brightest in fantasy duke it out in the Fish Bowl for the all important bragging rights.  If you can win this league, it’s something to shout from the rooftops.  As also mentioned, this is a break from our standard dynasty draft content as the the SFB is purely a redraft league.  My thought is that it is still a great opportunity to share thoughts on player value, strategy and roster construction in a way that can certainly help those of you that are participating in annual leagues or with tough decisions as your draft plays out.

I won’t be spending a lot of time breaking down each selection here as they are rather self explanatory. I will try to relay my thoughts as to why I chose the player I did and my strategy going forward for each selection.  Additionally, I will only be reviewing the first 12 rounds but will post my final roster so you can fill in the gaps.


Not going to waste time here breaking down the entire scoring system or roster format, they are all straight forward with the exception that this is a Super-Flex format, meaning that you can start two quarterbacks if desired. That certainly changes strategy and is something to be considered.

All divisions are 12 teams.  As luck, or bad luck (depending on your own desires for a draft slot) would have it, I ended up with pick number 12.  In the past, I have always loved this selection as you get your choice of back-to-back players without fear of one of them being sniped in between your selections in addition to getting two of the top 13 players.  The downside, of course is that 22 players come off the board in between selections.  A poorly timed selection or lapse in judgment can be extremely impactful and you may completely miss out on a positional need should you fail to navigate your picks.

My particular division has some very good players in it as well, some that I know will be at the top of their game during the draft.  I’ll need to have a good strategy and stick by it as long as it appears to be working.  If not, it’s best to abandon the strategy as early as possible and regroup.  This is best done within the first three rounds as your top players make the core of the team.


Going into this draft, being that it’s redraft and 2QB, I immediately decide that I will not be one that targets a quarterback in the top  six rounds if I can help it.  In 2QB leagues, unlike non-2QB leagues, you have to be at least mindful of your first quarterback and gauge how quickly the top 12 are off the board.  Some will advocate going much later but with 22 selections in between my back-to-back picks, I’m not at liberty to wait too long and don’t want to end up with two quarterbacks ranked in the twenties.  My goal here is to get at least one top ten passer, even if they’re borderline in that ranking.  My secondary goal is to target quarterbacks that have a vice-grip hold as a starter.

I won’t dictate my first and second round selections but my inclination is to go WR/WR with my first two picks.  I don’t see Ezekiel Elliot or Todd Gurley falling to me but if either did, they would be one of my selections.  My hope, though, is that I end up with two great receivers.  From there, it’s all about amassing top production and dare I say that the second tier of running backs is deep enough that I don’t feel I have to push the envelope here and I’m willing to take a risk if needed.

Let’s get the party started.
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Round 1

round 1

I almost dared to dream that OBJ would fall to me at 1.12 but, alas, it wasn’t to be.  And shouldn’t have been.  It would have been an absolute coup if he had.

As it stands, I get Hopkins at 1.12 and I feel great about this selection.  I don’t see another 190+ targets but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.  My goal for WRs in this draft is to get as many top-tier WR1 names as I can and not get cute.  Hopkins went earlier in most all drafts in this format and I’m pleased with the selection.  Unlike many other divisional drafts, this one is very close to the ‘book’ of what would be expected.  I saw some interesting picks in other drafts.  Let’s see who I pair him with in Round 2.  Guesses?

Round 2

round 2

I did have a decision to make here as there were three receivers that I really like:  Dez Bryant, AJ Green and Allen Robinson.  I just can’t get THAT excited about Robinson at the top of the second round.  Don’t get me wrong, I love him as a receiver and I really like Blake Bortles when combined with that Jag’s offense.  But I believe he represents too much risk with this selection.  That may be odd given that I selected Bryant but I have my reasons.  As far as Green goes, I do like him but I see him as just shy of elite and it won’t surprise me in the least if he has a mediocre, by his standards, season.

Bryant is fully healthy and is on a mission.  Last year was an anomaly and while I have zero fear about Bryant’s status, my big question lies on the shoulder, or better put, collar bone, of one Tony Romo. One titanium plate later, however, and I have a fair amount of trust in Bryant and that new Dallas offense with Elliott at running back.  I believe Bryant is primed for a monster bounce-back season.

As far as this second round goes, too, I’m impressed that I’m not seeing any real reaches here.  The talent off the board is as expected and I can make a case for each.  I don’t care for the Keenan Allen selection but I wouldn’t classify it as a poor selection in the least.  Just a bit more ‘reachy’ for my taste.

22 selections in between picks is a LONG time to wait …

Round 3

round 3

There were only two questions for me with this selection:  Brandon Marshall or Demaryius Thomas. Sammy Watkins was in the mix as well.  In the end, I couldn’t resist the dominance and consistency that is Marshall. Thomas is coming off a somewhat lackluster year and that was with Peyton Manning at the helm.  Let’s be nice and just say that I’m not a big Mark Sanchez fan.  I think Marshall has an 80% chance of amassing 100 receptions again and a greater chance of reaching double-digit touchdowns again, as he’s done three of the last four years.  At 32 years of age, outlook is still great.  There is a risk here should the Jets not resign Ryan Fitzpatrick but it’s a calculated risk I’ll take.

In this scoring system, this now gives me the WR3 (Marshall), Wr4 (Hopkins) and Dez Bryant who, if healthy, is a near certainty in my book for a top ten finish.  I was hoping that Jordy Nelson would fall but, at the same time, part of me was hoping I wouldn’t have to make the decision should he actually do that.

The reach has started at running back and the selection of C.J. Anderson seems like a desperation pick to me.  The risk could very well pay off but there are other backs on the board that I’d risk before Anderson, including Forte’ who I was hoping would fall.  Kevin English at Draft Sharks now assumes his position as “thorn in my side” for the entirety of this draft.

Running back time … as much as I’d like to go receiver just once more.  I made that mistake last year and still had a great team that could have won it all if not for that pathetic week 14 that sunk so many fantasy ships.

Round 4

round 4

Some may consider this a desperation selection but I don’t.  Risky?  Yes.  Desperation?  No.  I did a lot of homework on Rawls at this point and everything points to him being the lead back and with plenty of touches to keep me in games.  Make no mistake, my team is receiver-based and I’m not done yet in that area.  I’m only seeking running backs to keep me in games while my wheelhouse receivers put up too many points for my competition.  My goal here is to have three starting caliber backs and I’m fine if they’re both RB2 players along with a RB3.  I simply don’t trust the backs on the board enough to overweight them here.

If Rawls is healthy and the Hawks continue to run the ball as they do, he’ll be a low-end RB1 for me.

That all said, Demaryius Thomas with this selection would have given me an insane receiver corps. But at too high of a cost I believe.  We’ll see.

Seeing some of the players that are coming off the board here, the chess game is really beginning and I see a lot of risk in this round.  Dion Lewis and Golden Tate here are real dice throws.

Round 5

round 5

I’m officially regretting taking Rawls at the top of the fourth round given what is left on the board.  I could have selected Demaryius Thomas or Sammy Watkins for a receiver grouping that would strike fear in every opponent I face on Sundays.  That said, I still feel good.  And while I’ve never been a big DeMarco Murray fan, this year I am.  I think he’s being seriously under-drafted.  Again, I don’t feel I have to get Adrian Peterson or Todd Gurley production.  I’m looking for solid RB2 production from my backs.  Murray will very likely be the workhorse and I just don’t believe that’s even in question. The down arrow on Murray’s stock is a perfect example of the parroting that goes on in fantasy and why I believe free-thinking and going against the grain can be so well rewarded.  We’ll see.

I really like the Jarvis Landry selection by RotoExperts and I though the Jay Ajayi selection would be punished if/when the Dolphins signed Arian Foster, which they just did.

Round 6

round 6

Best laid plans and all.  I was hoping to wait until my seventh round selection before taking my first quarterback, but looking at the names left and being left out in the cold in another league last year by waiting to long, I felt I had to step up and secure an unquestioned starter.  In redraft leagues I do like using strength of schedule as a determinant and the two best schedules, overall, are owned by Detroit (Stafford) and Chicago (Cutler).  Stafford is as tough as they come and should easily start all 16 games. I can’t say I’m ultra-confident in his scoring production but he was a top ten passer in this format and that’s good enough for me here.   I just couldn’t go another 22 players and not get my first quarterback.  I’m hoping that Romo falls.  I’d really like to pair he and Bryant but he won’t be my QB1.

Hope was dashed quickly as Romo was selected shortly after.  Overall, I’m impressed with the value this group gets in round six, all are good picks.  And as it turns out, while I could have had Murray and Gio Bernard as my two backs here, giving my Demaryius Thomas in the round before, I still would have had to forego quarterback so I think my logic and reason was sound.

Round 7

round 7

Everyone will have their own opinion here, but this is a coup in my book.  I LOVE the pick of Baldwin at 7.12 as my WR4.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect Baldwin to reproduce his touchdown totals or his insane target-to-reception rate of nearly 80%.   That just doesn’t happen.  But Baldwin is a crisp route runner and teams still couldn’t stop him when they knew who would be catching the passes. That’s not to say that he’ll score another 14 touchdowns again, but I think he’ll easily hit double digits and cross 1,000 yards again.  And as my WR4?!?  I still believe that Baldwin could be Antonio Brown lite.

For my receivers, my selections now give me the:  WR3 (Marshall), WR4 (Hopkins), WR9 (Baldwin) and Dez Bryant.

Kudos to Draft Sharks again for sniping Kelvin Benjamin.  I couldn’t believe he was still on the board as well.  For the next round, I really want to get my next running back but I’m starting to fear the next round of quarterbacks and I need a second slinger that I feel can start each week.  I have a decision to make as there are still a couple of decent backs on the board to go with Murray and Rawls.

Round 8

round 8

As I mentioned, I’d like to round out my running backs by adding a RB3 but I just can’t given the production of the names still on the board.  It’s best not to force a pick just to add a position.  You have to play the numbers game. As I previously mentioned, I desire starting quarterbacks that aren’t in question.  Jay Cutler has the second best strength of schedule in 2016, has upgraded weapons and a healthy Alshon Jeffery and still has a back that can add yards in the passing game.  I’m not suggesting that Cutler is a top 10 quarterback, but should he be, I won’t be surprised.  I’m hoping for at least QB16 and I feel good about the possibility.  And I think I have another ace up my sleeve in this area but now I don’t have to force a selection of Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Robert Griffin, etc.

Seeing some interesting picks here and I was hoping the C.J. Prosise would fall another round or two so I could pair him with Rawls for a weak handcuff.  That said, I have more faith, I believe, in Alex Collins to take over for Rawls than I do Prosise.  And I wasn’t willing to risk a pick of Rashad Jennings, Charles Sims, Chris Ivory or T.J. Yeldon just yet.  One more round would have made that difference.

Round 9

round 9

Freakin’ Draft Sharks again!

He’s been a pain in my … draft.  But, I really like Julius Thomas and think he’ll achieve double-digit touchdowns in ’16. But can he play 16 games?  At this round, I feel it’s a pretty safe selection and fills a need.  Nothing sexy but I love upside players after round eight, even if they carry a bit of a risk.

I really like the Marvin Jones pick. He’s one of my favorite players and if he can stay healthy, I think he can put up big numbers. But, something is nagging me about Jones this year and it’s telling me to stay away.  I haven’t drafted him this year yet but have him in multiple leagues and am hoping my gut feeling is incorrect.

I’m excited about round ten as I see two or three remaining gems.

Round 10

round 10

A couple of great names still left on the board!  I select Allen Hurns but have a hard choice between him, Markus Wheaton and Kevin White.  In the end, I’m taking what I know about Hurns.  He’s got a chance at double digit touchdowns and 1,000 yards.  I think he may come up shy on both but anywhere close and it’s a huge win for me as my WR5.  I have as scary a set of receivers as you can get in my opinion.  And Hurns was the WR16 in this format last year.  Add that to the earlier list for my wideouts, giving me what could be five of the top 16 receivers.

Was going to take a chance on Arian Foster but he’s off the board dang it.

Round 11

round 11

Really excited that Fitzpatrick was still available and I considered him an ace up my sleeve.  I have full expectation that the Jets will eventually come to their senses and sign him but the possibility does exist that this is a wasted pick.  If not I get a player that was the QB8 last year and finished stronger than he started.  With Forte’ in the backfield to go along with Marshall and Decker out wide, he could be an every week starter for me along side Stafford.

I really like the selection of Willie Snead by RotoExperts in this round.  Snead is one of those last-flex plays that you love to have who can put up Edelman type points in any given week.  He won’t be as consistent certainly, but in the eleventh round here, he’s a steal.  The rest of the picks are solid and with upside.  I like Ebron’s opportunity this year and suspect he’s going to have a really good campaign.

Round 12

round 12

No secret here that I’m weak at running back, somewhat be design though I did hope to address the position just a bit more than I did.  If Howard can eek out good touches each game or, perhaps, even win the job outright, I’ll be looking really good.  If not, I’m going to be working to find a back to give me double digit points weekly.  I fully expected to have a RB3 or RB4 type getting a fair amount of time in my lineup though it’s not ideal.  One more quality later round back would have rounded out my lineup nicely.

As it stands, I’m very happy with my top 12.  Following are the next six picks:

13.12  Dorial Green-Beckham, WR TEN
14.01  Kenyan Drake, RB MIA
15.12  Kyle Rudolph, TE MIN
16.01  Terrance Williams, WR DAL
17.12  Anquan Boldin, WR FA
18.01  Rishard Matthews, WR TEN
19.12  Mike Gillislee, RB BUF
20.01  Braxton Miller, WR HOU
21.12  Cecil Shorts, WR HOU
22.01 Reggie Bush, RB FA


My full roster is below and I’m pretty pleased.  Of those remaining picks I think I did very well getting value in DGB, Boldin, Williams and Matthews, all of those have upside this year.  Kenyan Drake was a play on the PPR in hopes that Ajayi wouldn’t hold down the fort in that area but the Dolphins signed Foster which makes for a murky situation at best for Drake.  So be it.  Gillislee and Bush are shots in the dark in hopes that one of them can produce, I’m most excited about Gillislee as he’s a bigger back, has had success and has better hands than advertised.  I should lock down the WR2 in Houston without much trouble for whatever that is worth given that I already have Hopkins.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this group in action!  I hope you enjoyed this quick walk on the other side of fantasy and can use the information to your benefit!  Follow me on Twitter:  @DLF_Jeff



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