Lineup Advice: Week 17

Jeff Haverlack

timI hate Tim Hightower.

Not personally but because he’s a proxy for what 2015 was to many of us.  It was an odd year.  In week 16, I saw a lot of questions about Hightower as a potential starter and, in many cases, I steered coaches to more trustworthy options.  Coming off a 13 carry, 54 yard performance vs. Detroit, a relatively severe injury to Drew Brees and sharing the backfield with C.J. Spiller, was there really any reason to forego better options to start a middling running back?  Instead, 27 carries, 122 yards and two touchdowns.  Of course.  And only during the most important week of fantasy.

I had him on my bench as well.

Most of you don’t have week 17 games but I thought I’d put this back up for one last week just in case.  Either way, I’d love to hear from you whether you have a lineup question or not.  Did you win your championship game?  Was this your best or worst year yet? Was this lineup advice crucial to your success or the bane of your fantasy existence? Have you been wanting to vent at me for poor advice? Whatever you have to say as we close out 2015, let’s do it here.  Let’s have some fun!

Of course, if you have a week 17 game (as my primary league does – two week playoff system), I’m here for you one more week.

Just don’t ask about Tim Hightower.  He’s dead to me.

Happy New Year everyone!
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jeff haverlack